Black Poetry : Just thinking out loud pt. 2


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Dec 20, 2004
The rotten Apple
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with every answer
there's a question that's been raised
but some answers phathom deep
if you're not ready, your mind can get grazed
so on your mark, get set
I'll wait for you to say go
every action has an equal and opposite reaction
so for every yes, someone always has to say no
it's just the natural order of things
but you maintain
knowing you were born across the border of kings
deep inside the sacred valley
where the mind was born
with no body around
it would be a no-brainer that the mind would soon became torn
& had to manifest itself in the physical form
with an invisible limit attached
so in time the physical would be gone
from dusk ti'll dawn
the only purpose was to elevate, then let us move on
so let us move on
like nature's natural evolution
I still receive my lessons thru the breeze
when I was 13 i burned the 10 commandments and the constitution
that's when i found out George Washington was a mason
& the preacher of my church was caught with a women who was prostitutin'
My word to Mary Magdelene, the congregation played like the prosecution
when they found his story convolutin'
though, deep down I felt sorry for him
well you know just a little
cause the way everyone reacted
could only be matched by white people’s reaction to the O.J. acquittal
right then
I wanted to ask so many questions about life
then, when I heard about the wedding in can’a
which caused me to raise a few questions about the story of Christ
2nd chapter of John
i caught it on my 2nd trip thru
after laughing at Paul's vision
yeah, that cat was a trip too
you see when you find out you’ve been lied too
you have to seek somethin’ else to guide you
it will help to restore the sense of self inside you
seek and ye shall find
from now until infinity
religious minds know not that they blaspheme
every time they praise any 1 in the Trinity
therefore, becoming their own worse enemy
thou shall worship no other God but me
I know it gets touchy touchy
While we’re “wad’in in the water”
But even sheep should know better to sit around complacent
Just waitn’ for their slaughter
Don’t be scared to question your leaders
& don’t worry about this New World order
It’s just an old world
With a touch up
I guess he forgot his lessons from the first degree
Which is to keep silent and simply hush up
Though I don’t bother with politics or brother Obama
I just bought a T-shirt & on the back it says “Jesse, sit still and shut the F—k up”

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