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Feb 15, 2001
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Moist and open orifice
waiting, tensing, relaxing
beckons and begs for entrance
just to end the shreiking pleasure.

Facile folicles feel the closeness
as a hard shadow of heat passes,
touches that glowing epicenter of flesh
just above the petals with a slight bump.

Sphincter tenses tightly
while petals glow with dew
spread apart, engorged and
teased to fullness feeling the rim
of hardness at the very elusive tip.

Deep penetrations is only a breath away
but pulls away, teasing hips to rise and quiver
lifting, going forward hoping to capture
the blunt fullness that teases and coerces.

The constant mixing at the tip
stirs embers until hard flames pulses,
pulses, pulses no longer denying itself
then one smooth, swift, quick entry
fills the channel and rests at the bottom.

Bit is all starts--with just the tip.
It all starts with the tip..

Amun, this poem is powerful to me because of the myriad possibilities in meaning. It can be viewed only for its immidiate sexual appeal, but a closer look reveals that it has universal implications. Here are some: a woman who allows herself to be subjected to physical abuse from a man- it all starts with the tip(maybe a push, a slap, a head bump); the person who eventually becomes a drug addict- it starts with the tip- a toke here, and a toke there; the person who becomes a prolific liar-it all starts with the tip- a fib here and a fib there.... See what-a-mean? The implications are many. Deep.
The beauty of poetry

That is the beuty of poetry. Often the real meaning are hidden or they change with each new reading as we discover words may be used in more than one way and meanings pop up like a jack-in-the-box, surprising us. Yes, there is more than one meaning here and it is intended to be that way. Thanks for replying.




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