Black Poetry : Just Right Now...

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    Sometimes I wish I did not feel this way, but it's coded in my DNA
    Right now I'm feeling some type of way
    Sleeping and dreaming is how I spent the most of my day
    And now I'm awake with a few thing to say
    I'm going to try to do this without sounding like a cliche
    But I'm stuck, nothing is black and white.. It's all gray
    And I want to run, just run away
    But it won't change a thing so here I stay
    Sitting on 103rd where when I was a kid I used to play
    Back then when everything was okay
    And I sit here with my head bowed and I pray
    I pray for a love that won't stray
    I pray for a love that has no decay
    I pray for love that God molded like working with clay
    I pray for a love that's welcome forms of public display
    I pray for a love that understands that if I lead it's ok to obey
    Im the type that put his feeling to words and that does not make me gay
    Just what I'm feeling right now is heavy, I can tell you just what it weigh
    Using my words is my strength, its what I'm trying to portray
    It's in my words I'm trying to convey
    This feeling of deep dismay
    This feeling is only something, I don't feel it every day
    But when I do it's no child's play
    This is deep and not something I would just give away
    But it's too much for me, like eating at a buffet
    I wish this pain was not the price I have to pay
    So I'll take a couple shots of this Bombay
    And hopefully it will get me through halfway
    But I gotta keep moving with no delay
    Sure hope I don't feel this way tomorrow like I do today
    Maybe I'll take this heart of mine and toss it into the Chesapeake Bay
    It's has caused me so many problem where if fallen prey
    Cause its fragile and must be made of paper-mâché
    You can see all the broken pieces if you just look at my X-ray
    But I know I my alone but I'm not taking a survey
    I know these emotional periods are becoming passé
    Guess I cut this one short don't want to sign naïveté
    So I'm finish is bottle of Cabernet
    And hit the hay
    Feel the beat of my heart as I lay
    And feel the rhythm and begin to sway
    But Ill keep drinking until I become numb and drift away.
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    I enjoyed the way this flowed thanks for sharing