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re: hi

good-morning mzblkangel,

brother decided to check out your poem, before logging off...

Fly my valentine

Candles burn
As the desire raise
Passin over the lands
As the sweet melody

of you keep playin
a memory of a dream
in reality.....
You caused my heart to see….
And know the uniqueness of me
As I sing above the sky
And pass over the lands
A love set free
A soul of a mate
Exhale and breath
……. Flow
On a smooth ride
Dance around the room
And listen to the melody

of your heart..
beatin with mine
in perfect time.....
meeting with every sigh
feelin every touch….
Escapes in the galaxy
as time is release
Fly my valentine
Fly my valentine….
Streams flow and the moon sets
Breeze blow off the starry
of the night as I feel
Your essence reach

in my soul and hold It close…
With your love as you
taught my heart to sing..
under the cherry moon light
and glaze across the
clouds within the orbs of time…
Fly my valentine

Fly my valentine….
my sweet sweet
oh my sweet
my heart sings…….
Up above the sky at night
The starz past the orbs
And the wind so warm….
the essence of you flow…

within my veins and
leads my heart in tune….
Fly my valentine
My funny valentine
As we unwine and
my valentine
a blkangel thang......

would you be my valentine's? -wink- on the real sister, one could picture a couple in love, bodies moving together, as in a way it's poetry in motion... yes when one is in love, all is good, etc... sweet/romantic piece, as i have seen you grow as a poet over the past few months...

have a nice day...



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