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    I started this thread and brought this comment over because I did not wish to derail a focused conversation.

    Hurt People Hurt People.

    When I shared my experiences, strengths and plans with Brother Keita in that conversation, I want it to be KNOW BY ALL who are reading this...I DO love, value and respect Brother Keita and what he brings. I trust many if not ALL of you do as well. I hear him speaking from a place pain...the pain of the losses WE have and continue to suffer...COLLECTIVELY speaking. I of course, could be wrong and/or Brother Keita will not own this...nor do I expect him to.
    It is just what I sense and have come to know to be true.

    HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE and they hurt those Closet to them First and Foremost....starting with the SELF

    I try NOT and "label" US as WE are working NOW cleanse ourselves of them. As I read your words again, I hear you making a distinction (at least, I hope it's clear in your mind) between the Person/Spirit that he is and the words used to express what he's feeling. Sounds like ANGER AND PAIN.....AND...even some FEAR as he considers the "danger" to young minds.

    That's just my take and again....I speak for myself in terms of what I see, hear and will the best of my ability.

    I think in many ways, we are ALL adjusting BACK TO BLACK..and stepping on each other right now...or from time to time.
    Recovery is a Process and Not an Event!
    Some are sicker than others
    Those who appear to be well...are probably the sickest amongst us.
    Those who are unable to SEE THEMSELVES....well...

    If there's any conversation here to be had, I would simply wonder what people think of that concept.....
    Do you find yourself Hurting those closet you:?:
    Have those closet to you been a source of great pain at one time or the other:?: