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    I'm just having fun, but no doubt someone will take this serious
    I'm about to take you on a lyrical experience
    I'm having fun with words, like when a baby first starts reading books
    Saying I'm good at rhyming, Is like saying Mike Tyson packs a decent punch
    I best mention the Kardashians other wise you'll have trouble keeping up
    Me with a pen is more dangerous than Michael Myers on Halloween when he starts slashing with the knife
    Telling me I can't rhyme, is the biggest mistake you've made since you let your ex Back in to your life
    Speaking of exes, will someone please date mine
    I promise she'll give you a great time
    I'll pay for the date, its all on me
    All I ask, is please be good enough to get her to stop calling me
    I love Hip Hop, and yeah I know I'm white
    Please be creative and tell me how I'm the new Vanilla ice
    Or how I should walk right back across 8 mile
    I could have thrown this into my waste pile
    But I just wanted to write some joke lines and have some fun
    Sick of hearing rappers talk about drugs and how they pack a gun
    "yeah I'm Bad. I'll make this Uzi Squirt"
    You don't know who Nas is, And think the greatest rapper is Lil Uzi Vert
    Or some other mumble rapper with lame rhymes
    You deserve to have Biggie and Big Pun sit on you at the same time
    Some guy called Young Thug is wearing dresses
    That's not something I have a problem with
    My problem is
    There's so much going on in the world and these rappers are scared to address it
    What happened to Hip-Hop when rappers would share a message?
    Nas, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, I could name so many more
    Now its a bunch of dudes who sound the same with empty thoughts
    I'd pretend to be from the hood and blast guns but I'd fail
    I'd rather be the real me, and I'm far too cute to go to Jail
    I just love Hip Hop and the way it used to be
    You always get the truth from me
    someone tell Rihanna I'm ready to give her the best 30 seconds of her life
    Tell her she'll only regret it if I become a legend when I die
    Knowing she could of had me
    This is my last piece of paper, I'm now pad free
    I was watching rap battles on YouTube, So took you on this lyrical experience
    I'm just a poetical lyricist