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    I think most people who are minimally aware, can see that there is a deliberate effort to destroy the United States, from the inside.

    People had been predicting and squawking about this for decades. They have described it in detail, and written exactly how it was going to go down.
    Even the bible, has done the same thing--told us that even the little bit that the poor had was going to be taken away from them. It's the same thing, the same agenda and it has not just started yesterday with Bush, this agenda has been in effect since ancient Egypt. It has happened over and over again. Slavery from time to time switches from overt to covert, but it never goes away. After all, "god" himself told the Humans to enslave the "beasts' forever.

    I think where most people make their mistake is in thinking there is a reason, purpose, or conclusion, for the the endless madness. But if we listen to the ancients closely, they all tell us--from the bible to the Eluma elish, that there is no reason for it. They rob, kill and oppress just because that's what they do. They are not trying to set up any new world order, or to bring about any grand global change. They do this stuff for fun, and just because.

    That's what the ancients say. They don't have to be sneaky, to overtly enslave WoMankind, and they don't have to jump through hoops. They've done it before, all throughout history, whenever they got ready.

    All the rest of it is just game.

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