Black Poetry : ***JUST ANOTHER DAY***


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Apr 14, 2001
Dallas, TX
Platform Makeup Artist, Creative Director
I step onto the scene
like I laid the down payment
and handle the mortgage
you grab your girl
pull her close
COLD stares
I ignore it
pimp strollin'
eyes rollin'
subtle sexuality
watch me control it
work it
twerk it
you wishing you were home
so you could jerk it
but I don't sweat you
barely notice
being me
is the primary focus
"what'll ya have?"
gin and tonic
how ironic
also what YOU choose
I swivel 'round
hop down
take a sip
sway to the blues
mingle and charm
charm and mingle
"will you be my man?"
****, PLEASE, dawg I'm SINGLE!
ain't that your girl over there
sittin' all alone
while you're in my face
tryna get a taste
you know you're dead wrong
close my eyes
groove some more
leave the floor
hit the door
you forgot to ask my name
so you tap on the window of my RANGE
Ty is what you're told
take what you're given
nothing more
step back and away
as my pedal smashes the floor
you wonder what happened
didn't think you wanted a MAN
didn't think you wanted ME
when born a male
females ARE your choice
there is no plan B
you kiss your girl
with ME in mind
and when you make LOVE
you think of ME
all another day
in the life of...




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