Black Poetry : Just A Man


Feb 27, 2001
i’m just a man
born with all the parts
that separates men from women

i’m just a man
raised in love by my mother
along with my brothers

i’m just a man
taught in the word of God
to be the head of my house
a father to my children
and husband to my wife

i’m just a man
working for my crown
earthly bound
but spiritually sound

i’m just a man
looking for a partner
to bare my son and daughter
closing the circular link
and her seed will be my seed
taking my name
if its her bid
for a man
fathering another man’s seed
strengthens a child’s mind and heart
and pleases the woman of the house

i’m just a man
wanting the hand of a queen

for her
i’d sacrifice a part of me
just so we two can meet

i’m just a man
praying to find the rib i lost
asking to meet her
at any cost
because a man is not complete
without all his parts


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