Black People : Just A Little Something To Think About!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Just A Little Something To Think About!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

The Greater Good-God, Is Not Human, It Can't Be, That Is
What You are Confessing To Be?

When With Knowledge Of The Divine Truth You Can't Keep
still when evil is always in your presence

It is the fool always relaxed when living without freedom!!!

When living in a state of oppression, be still and the Devil
will bless you.

The Devil, Satan, Lucifer Is Wealthy With Lies And Deception,
Black Afrikans are rich with such in our possession

When An Afrikan Man Cease To Be Black, That Is Insanity.

The Mind knows no boundaries, it goes where you take it
and it is you that is judged for what you do.

You Can't See What You are looking for, it is the thought that
have you to see.

You Reveal What You Do Not Know When Attacking What You Need To Know, Such Is What Insanity Is About.

A Mind That Thinks, Argue Not With A Fool, You End Up Looking Just Like and being One.

Proof of an insane mind is living without Freedom!!!.

Mental illness is not knowing what Time it is when living in a state of oppression and believes that is freedom/

A Fool act is to attempt to discredit what you do not know.
Belief serves to be the Mind oppressor!!!

Show me a Divinely Thinking Black Afrikan And I Will Show You
Black Afrikans Potential For Freedom!!!

A Mind that is the owner of its action knows all about what you been told to believe.

To be insane is to be in control of your mind that thinks not, but
a thoughtful mind is without ownership of belief, to believe is insane.

You can't know what is Divinely true if you are believing all of the time.

Intelligence is sanctity without a doubt!!!

Can A Blind Woman/Man See, Yes, Just Can't Look At what you are looking at?

I Live To Enjoy the Mind that Thinks, insanity has no place in
such an environment.

It takes no effort to be a fool, but you have to think to be wisely intelligent.

It Ain't About God, It Needs Nothing From You, the fool inside
of you, cause you to deny such Divine Truth!!!

Divine Respect

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