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    It would be so simple if I could just lie in bed every day
    And have everything in life go my way
    But life doesn’t work that way
    Well not on my side of town
    Thinking like that, is just a fantasy that will never go down
    Dreams are just keys that can unlock any door
    But you must not give up if you get the wrong one, just keep on going for more
    And memories are just movies that we play continuously in our heads
    As we cry our hearts out in pain because another life was taken away

    But we can always count on the simple things in life to keep a smile on our faces
    Because money can’t replace the simple things in life
    That satisfy our hearts and keeps smiles on our faces
    Love and happiness

    A simple game of PS2 or basketball in the park
    Is what makes you…YOU
    A kiss from him to you
    Or a whisper of sweet satisfaction from her to you
    A hug or 2
    A few dollars just for you
    Love songs dedicated to you: I want to dedicate this to my night and shining armor,
    Alicia Keys If I Ain’t Got You: “Some people want diamond rings some just want everything, but everything means nothin’ if I ain’t got you…” just for you

    Love letters just for her: I just thought about confessing every emotion for you to you
    And how much I do L-O-V-E you deeply
    And how much my life is incomplete without you
    I can’t go through one day without a vision of you in mind
    Caressing me baby
    Kissing me baby
    Hugging me baby
    Loving me baby
    Yours truly, baby
    Just for you

    Love poems: you are the secretive paradise in my soul
    When around you, my heart is at peace and you make me feel complete and whole
    Just for her

    A hot cooked meal just for him
    As he eats he can taste the love,
    Affection and passion all put together in this one meal
    Just for him
    And he thinks, “All of this just for me?”
    And she smiles and goes to kiss him on the cheek,
    And reminds him while she whispers in his ear
    “Yes baby all of this just for you.”
    Proud of what his woman has done for him
    Because despite the numerous times he’s disrespected her
    She still believed in him and took time to understand him
    Although it was not her fault that he disrespected her
    She NEVER threw it in his face
    But stayed loving him like a woman should
    He apologizes everyday because her never meant to do it
    And he promised to make it up to her in every way
    So he takes her to the room and gives her something just for her
    Something that no man was able to do just for her
    He runs a hot bath, and fills it with the many rose petals just for her
    Surrounds the tub with raspberry scented candles just for her
    Sings melodies to undress her
    As he watches her clothes fall down to her feet
    He walks over slowly; tears begin to fall to his cheek
    Glad that she is there to wipe them away
    He kisses her while using his fingertips to caress her smooth mahogany skin
    This kiss is different from the others
    He feels her soul entwined with his
    Thinking of the many times he’s misused her,
    And how he still believes he has to make it up to her
    To prove that his L-O-V-E for her is true
    And nothing or no one will be able to take her
    Because he won’t do anything to lose her
    And he’ll do anything to keep her
    Because that’s what love is

    So he massages her skin
    Kissing her back and dripping oil on his hands while rubbing it in
    Just for her
    Because that’s how she likes it, and he’ll do anything for his girl
    The temperature is rising and their bodies are yearning for each other
    But he knows that he has to take it slowly, just for her
    And he knows that it’s not going to be easy
    But if she likes it slow, then that’s how he’s gonna have to do it

    She begins to whisper sweet, sexy metaphors in his ear:
    You light the fire in my heart
    My body screams for you
    My vag!na cries just 4 u
    And you know you like it when my hips dance just for you
    And the lion in him comes out, but he is still tender with her
    As he tells her, “This is all for you”

    See the simple things in life is all that matters
    And no matter how many times we wish we had all the money in the world
    Or glamorous clothes and diamonds
    All we need is LOVE to make our souls feel complete

    So I’ll use the melodies in my pen to write a love poem just for you:
    I never understood a love poem until I wrote one about you
    I like the way your gleaming eyes reveal so much about your soul
    The beauty in them makes me lose my senses
    Drowning in them deeply, taking me on journeys 2 seduce your heart
    Just 4 u
    I’ll dedicate love songs just to you:
    Musiq’s Love just for you
    I’ll play PS2 in a dark room with blinds shut and no light comin’ through
    Just for you
    Take a walk to the park in a blizzard just for you
    Because I know that you’d do the same thing just for me
    I’d write a thousand love letters just for you
    And you’d read those thousand love letters just for me
    I’d email you my heart and instant message you my pen
    So that you can begin to write your many love poems on my heart
    So I’ll always have a part of you with me
    There to be stored where no on can see
    But is just a secret between you and me
    Just for you
    I’ll jump off a cliff a thousand feet high if I knew you’d be there to catch me
    I’d run through a blazing fire, if I knew that you’d be there to save me
    I’d give away all fortunes just to be with you
    Because I know that you’d give up all fortunes just 2 be with me

    What I’m, trying to say is…”Some people want it all, but I don’t want nothin at all, if it ain’t you baby, if I ain’t got you baby.”…just for you

    dedicated 2 Love and the hope of being... :hearts2:
  2. PurpleMoons

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    Dedicated to love?

    And what a beautiful dedication it was!!!!!
    lookin foward to reading more!

    Loved it!
  3. watzinaname

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    Poet, this was just so tender and genuine. The scene you painted floated down to the page, and landed like a feathery touch. Beautiful!!!
  4. tashatoya

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    I go to school
    Houston Texas

    I had to catch my breath for a minute. I loved this one! You captured it so well for what it is worth, so many things, and continued on... great job sis! :star:
  5. LibertyLady

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    social worker...
    awww....this is....

    aww i feel you on this poet.....

    i wrote this poem long ago....

    ""Just for you....""

    what i feel is that love that warmth of .....

    two people ...

    having there own home in this....

    world ...

    having their safe place ....

    knowing that ..

    feeling that...

    this was a beautifulll....write..

    and this is beautifull...

    having that in youre life...

  6. $$RICH$$

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    BUSINESS owner
    awesome scribing here flow on !
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