Black Poetry : just…a dream


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Nov 2, 2009
theory to application to discussion to percussion
independent thoughtist thinker, context linker
went to the lake today
etched our names in a stone
hit my knees to pray
let the sun kiss my lips
casted the stone into the clear water
heard a voice whisper “don’t let it sink.”
dove in to retrieve it
immediately the waves caressed me
I turned one complete rotation then
transformed into my mermaid self
swam deep retrieved the stone
as it pulsated and glowed
thrusted the stone with our names towards the sky
a cumulus cloud caught our names
smiled then waved hello
as I broke through the water
sat on a rainbow wiggled my fins twice
transformed into my butterfly self
flew over to the cloud
retrieved our names
fluttered to the edge of the stratosphere
transformed into my angel self
transported our names back to heaven
where we are forever young beautiful
and in love
so beautiful.

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