Black Short Stories : Jungle Fever

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    August 6 FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL...

    “Hey girl, I’m glad we are back in school,” exclaimed Kima Jones. She is a very attractive 17 year old girl that works part time at Victoria’s Secret. She’s about 5’8” and 165. They boys call her thick. She was a cheerleader when she was in the 9th grade but she quit because she wanted to help her best friend watch her baby. “They had me workin 11 hour shifts this summer.”
    “Girl, I don’t know how you did it,” Kima’s best friend Shay said as she sat down behind Kima. Shay, was not as attractive as Kima but she was still pretty, most boys said that the only reason she is so fine is because she has hazel eyes. Kima was jealous of Shay’s eyes when they were younger. “Girl, I was still workin my ol’ 7 hours, and you know I was home with Jayla, she cried all day. I was happy to go to work.”
    “WORK?” Mann, said. Mann (Emmanuel Simmons) was the star Quarterback on varsity and he led the team into the playoffs last year when he was just a sophomore, the Falcons were 13-0 undefeated. He played JV when he was in the 8th grade and that was the last time he played JV. “Man, I wish I could work.” He sat down beside Kima. “What up ma?”
    “Hey,” She said as she blushed. She kicked Shay’s seat and Shay began to laugh.
    “Ya’ll alright?”
    “Yeah, I didn’t know you were taking Algebra II, with us. I didn’t see your name on the roster list.”
    “Kim right?”
    “No, Kima…”
    “Oh, my bad, Kima. I had a last minute change.”
    “It’s that easy for my man, Mann. I begged all summer for this class, they told me there wasn’t anymore seats available for this class...and guess what man gets in here…and I had to wait until somebody wanted to drop the class.” Slim said and sat down beside Mann.
    “Dag, I though this class was for juniors…” Talia said as she sat down in the front. Talia was the girl that knew everything about everyone; she has no life of her own. Kids at school called her channel 9. She had no friends because she would tell there business as soon as they’d tell her. Kima, Shay, and Talia were best friends when they were in middle school. When Shay found out she was pregnant in the 7th grade, she told her best friends Kima and Talia. They sworn to secrecy that they would never tell a soul about her being pregnant. Shay was molested by her stepfather and that’s how she became pregnant. When Shay was 3 months she began to show because she was so small. Talia called to Shay’s house one day and Shay wasn’t home. Talia told her mom everything. “…not dumb *** seniors.”
    “Uhm, lemme find out we are dumb, and she’s the one who failed 8th grade…”
    “Uh, anyway.” She turned around and looked at Mann. “Hey cutie.”
    “Man, don’t talk to me and my girl is right here.” He touched Kima on the arm and winked at her. “Baby, you gon’ let her call me cute?”
    “She ain’t tryna throw no hands so I ain’t worried about it.”
    “Uhm, Lemme find out ya’ll go together.” Talia mumbled as she truned around. By the time that 4th period started everyone was walking up to Kima asking her about Mann. Every time someone would ask her she would blush and keep walking.
    “Aye, Kima!”
    “Yeah?” she turned around and to her surprise it was Mann. “Oh, hey.”
    “Where are you headin?”
    “To Chemistry.”
    “With Mr. Bowie?”
    “Yeah, this is my 2nd time takin this class.”
    “Oh, it’s my first. Can I carry your books for you? I don’t want my girl having all this stress before we start talking…you don’t have a locker yet?”
    “Naw, I just carry my books…”
    “Not anymore, We can share my locker…if that’s what you want.”
    “Oh, I don’t mind. So…”
    “So what?”
    “SO, we talk now?” She began to blush. “Do you want my number?”
    “Yeah, come on so we won’t be late to class.” They sit down right beside each other, but Mr. Bowie likes to put everyone in alphabetical order so they were split up. Kima passes Mann a note. The note was taken up by Mr. Bowie.
    “Here’s my number, 753-9989.” Mr. Bowie uses sarcastic humor “Oh, I guess I’ll be needin this again, this year.” The class begins to laugh and she slumps down in her seat.
    “Look, you ain’t gone play my girl like dat.”
    “you ain’t gon’ play my girl…” He mimics Mann “I suggest you hush…before I use my connections and I will be the only one playing this semester.” No one laughed because if Mann, didn’t play the other players wouldn’t play as well. It’s seems as if they depend on Mann. After school everyone who drove went to the student parking lot. Mann met up with Kima.
    “Hey, uhm where do you live?” He asks her
    “Over on boulevard…by Piggly Wiggly.”
    “That’s where you work huh?”
    “Yeah.” Kima and Mann were an “item” from that day on. They talked for a month to really get to know each other because neither of them wanted to jump into things, three months later things started to get serious between Mann and Kima. Even though Mann didn’t get home from football practice until 9 and Kima got off work at 10…they still spent a lot of time with each other. Especially on Fridays , after the game, If you know what I mean.
    “How are you doin in Algebra II?” Kima asked Shay before the bell rang.
    “Girl, I’m pullin a 68 in there…”
    “…school, then work, then Jayla cryin all night…I can’t take this…”
    “Class, Class quiet down…I have an announcement…”
    “What Miss Teacher LADY.” Slim said in the back being ignorant.
    “Eugene. Step outside please.”
    “Eugene, No one calls me Eugene. It’s Slim.”
    “Class, we have a new student.” A girl walks in, It’s a white girl. She walks and waves at everyone. Of course, She was a blonde, she had grayish-green eyes, not tall but not short…she had big thighs, hips, and butt, but no chest….basically she had a sistah’s booty.”
    “Hey, My name is Megan Canvarski, but boys call me Minnie.”
    “Dat, white girl is phat as hell.” Slim said and Mann began to laugh.
    “What the hell is so funny?” Kima hit Mann and rolled her eyes.
    “Kima, Slim is crazy. Girl you know you my boo.”
    “What eva.”
    “Can I sit here?” Minnie decided she wanted to sit by Mann. Kima didn’t like that one bit.
    “No, there’s a seat in the front beside channel 9 news.” Kima said with an attitude to Minnie. “Oh her name is Talia Washington.”
    “Oh, thanks” She walked away embarrassed. Minnie and Mann had 3rd period together, this time she made sure she sat beside him. “Was that your girl in first period?”
    “Yeah, her name is Kima, she’s no threat, she just has been having a bad week this week…”
    “Why, what happened?”
    “Nah, that’s none of your business… but if you want to know you can ask her.”
    “Uhm no…”
    “Can I see your schedule?” She passed him her schedule. “Oh we have fourth period together too, Mr Bowie is a TRIP.”
    “Oh.” At lunch Minnie had no where to sit. The school is 75 % Black; 15% white; and 10% Hispanic. The whites that went to this school weren’t the preppy type because they went to a private school, after middle school; and the white ones there either act black or were trailer park trash. Minnie was lost. She heard a voice call her.
    “Megan?” Minnie turns around and it’s Kima “You can sit with us.”
    “Oh, no thanks I’m bout to go to Mickey D’s.”
    “Naw, baby girl you can’t leave school until 12:50, and that’s if you have co-op.”
    “Oh, well I’ll sit with you then.”
    “My name is…”
    “Kima, I know. I have a class with Manny.”
    “Oh I’m sorry Emmanuel.”
    “Well,” Kima said with an attitude. “This is Shay, My best friend. This is Keisha, Tammy, Tamarla, Kaysha, KaTonya, and as I suspect you know my Mann, Slim, Chris, Tyrone and Dashon…oh and Foxy.”
    “Foxy” Minnie whispers. “That’s a boy”
    “I’m gay honey…”
    “Oh. Sorry. Kima?”
    “How long have you and Ma- Emmanuel been talking?”
    “5 months, Why?”
    “Oh, that’s the bell where are you going now?” Foxy said
    “Uhm, Civics?”
    “Oh you with me hun,”
    “What grade are Kima and Mann in?”
    “Mann, with his fine butt, oh he’s in the 11th and Kima is in the 12th . Why?” Foxy said.
    “Girl, Mann, is the first black guy I am actually attracted to. Oh my god he is so fine…why are the fine ones gay or taken. Trust me when I saw you I thought you very attractive.”
    “Uhm boo-boo, I’m flattered but I’m strictly d*ckly... thank you.” Weeks go by and Minnie is really starting to like Mann. Foxy doesn’t really like Kima because they got into a fight last year about something Talia started, because Talia wanted someone to beat up Kima because the boy that Talia liked, he liked Kima. As Minnie starts to fall for Mann, Foxy does too and Foxy encourages Minnie to talk to Mann. “Girl, you betta do dat.” Foxy says as Minnie approaches Mann after there last game.
    “Girl, Bye.” Minnie says as she walks towards Mann. “Hi.”
    “Oh, hey Minnie? I have never seen you at a game on Friday…”
    “Oh, I know…I didn’t think I would fit in ya know…this school being predominately black.”
    “Oh, Uhm There’s a party tonight are you goin?”
    “I don’t think so…I’m not going to have anyone to talk to.”
    “Why not? I’m goin to be there…”
    “Yeah and it Kima sees me there she’s gonna pound me.”
    “Pound? What the hell is pound…I know one type of pound and that is WEED.”
    “Well, she is going to beat me up.” Kima and Shay approach Man and Minnie.
    “Uhm, your MANN is comin down with white girl fever.”
    “Hey, baby, I can’t wait til tonight.” She begins to kiss him and Minnie walks away. “What was she doing over here?”
    “She wanted to know if I was goin to Kareem’s party tonight.”
    “You lyin…She don’t know Kareem.” Everyone ends up going to Kareem’s party that night. Foxy and Minnie were dancing together all night. Minnie was tired so she sat down close to Kima. “You tired white girl? You know you look like a STRIPPER out there?”
    “No, Why is that? Was it the way I was dancing? Your were dancing just like me. Maybe your jealous because I gan get any boy I want here and you can’t”
    “Girl, the only reason is that you are suckin everything you see, when you see it.” Kima was about to say something else but Mann came by her and Talia sat between Kima and Megan. “I’m goin home, you don’t have to come with me…but just be there before 1 cuz Imma be sleep. Call me first.”
    “Why are you leaving?”
    “Because I don’t want to beat that white girl’s @$$…” Kima leaves around ten and Minnie tries to stay clear of Mann for as long as she can.
    “Girl, he here by his self..”
    “Girl, bye…anyway he is here by himself, and you ain’t tryna jump on that?
    “Yeah, I’m bout to.” Minnie walks over to Mann and begins to talk to him. Mann sees Talia walking over and he pulls Minnie somewhere else. “You wanna dance sexy?” He tries to hold back his smile but he, too, is attracted to Minnie.
    “Yeah, wuz up?” Slim walks over to Mann and Minnie.
    “Yo, Kima is gonna kill you.” He pulls his boy away from Minnie. “What is you doin man?”
    “Chill out…yo.” Minnie walks back over to Mann and slips him a piece of paper. “Oh word? You want me to call you?”
    “What is wrong with you? Kima is gonna kill you.”
    “Not over a phone number…”
    “Call me” Minnie says as she walks passed them and then Talia. “Don’t forget.” Mann is one his way to Kima’s house and He decides to call Minnie but hangs up the phone. When Mann gets there Kima is on the couch watchin T.V. She does her routine…She plays on Mann’s phone…but this time he wouldn’t let her see it. He deleted Minnies number from his phone book but forgot it was on his outgoing calls.
    “What do you have to hide? Oh you need to call your momma, I’ll do it.” She begins to dial. “Oops what number did I dial?” She goes back to see what number she dialed, She saw a cell phone number that she has never seen before. “Who’s number is this?”
    “Oh, I guess that girl that slim was tryna holla at, after the game…”
    “Oh,” His cell phone rung. “It’s that number again. I’ll answer it.” She puts it to her ear… “Hello?” She pauses
    “Yes, someone just called me from this number at 12:45.”
    “Oh it was Slim.”
    “How did Slim get my number? He told me that he didn’t even like white girls. I thought this was Mann’s cell. Who is this?
    “This is Mann’s phone.” Kima hit Mann in the chest “Who is this? I know this ain’t that white girl Megan Canvarski?”
    “Yes, this is she? Is this Kima?”
    “Yes, why are you callin my man?”
    “He called me first, I was returning his call.”
    “How’d he get your number?”
    “I gave it to him…” Kima hung up the phone... “Why is she callin your phone? Why did you lie? Ya know what? Get out…Get out right now cause you ain’t bout to play me bye.” By Monday Kima and Mann made up, Talia knew about everything that happened that Friday night. “What’s it to you?” Minnie said to Talia “Why do you wanna know if I wanna holler at Manny?”
    “Cause girl, Takima will get mad, and then you can have the finest boy in Carter County girl…Well, he doesn’t look better than my man…but Hey, he’s the finest boy in High School. I could’ve had him if I wanted but Kima was so jealous I just turned him down and when I did she went right to him. Let another fine boy come to this school she’ll drop Mann as fast as she got ‘em.”
    “Uh-uh girl, don’t talk to her, she lie bad and she be er’body bit’ness(business). So, did He call you Friday?” Foxy said as he walked up to Minnie.
    “Yeah and when I called back Kima answered his phone. She was actin real childish. Callin me names...”
    “Uhm, Don’t worry, that girl can’t fight. I fought her my 10th and 11th grade years. We used to be the best of friends, but Talia was all in out bit’ness.” Talia was still standing there and she walked off. “I know channel 9 about to tell Kima er’thang we just said…” Sure enough Talia went and sat with Kima and them at lunch, and she found out that Foxy and Minnie don’t sit there anymore.
    “So where’s the sissy and the white 304,”
    “Chill out…She ain’t no 304 she's a really nice if ya’ll got to meet her. Ya'll just don't like her because she's white...”
    “It seems as if my man wants to leave me for her.” Kima stands up, “You seem to have gotten very acquainted with her…you know her schedule by heart, you have her cell number, her parents came to the school to see you…what next? Are you gonna cheat on me with her? I’m sorry if I’m not around enough for you…but I have a job I can’t stay home and chill all day…I gotta work now…”
    “What you mean, you gotta work?”
    “Well, if you haven’t notice, which I know you havent’ because you are stuck on that girl, but I’m pregnant.” Kima walks off and leaves the lunch room. She sees Minnie and Foxy in the hall and she walks up to Minnie. “Look, don’t be callin my man. Trust boo-boo he has a girl and he doesn’t need none to suck his…”
    “Chill, out girl, Mann wants her…”
    “Look, Foxy, I’m talkin to her…If I wanted your input on things I’ll ask you. Anyway, Megan-”
    “No your mama named you Megan, like I was sayin; if you talk to my man again I got some thing for that ***…” Kima walks off, but turns around and says, “And if you don’t believe me, TRY ME.” The next week things were getting hectic between Kima and Mann. Kima rarely called Mann on her breaks as much as used to. Mann stopped coming by her house. It was almost Christmas and Mann and Kima were falling apart, Foxy and Minnie were becoming best friends and Minnie was starting to come by Mann’s house more and more but his mother was never home. One day Minnie decides she wants to visit Mann. She walks up to the house and his mother opens the door.
    “Sorry, hun. I'm fine with my Christianity. I don’t want to be a Jehovah Witness.”
    “Oh, I’m not here for that..”
    “I don’t want any candy either.”
    “Ma’am, Is Emmanuel here?”
    “Yes, are you his study mate? He’s told me a lot about you. What’s your name again?”
    “Min, I mean Megan Canvarski…”
    “Were you about to say Minnie?”
    “Yes Ma’am?”
    “Oh, lord you were the one I was talking to on the phone? Oh Uhm. I think Emmanuel just went to the store for me.”
    “But, I-I-I, never mind, Could you be so kind and tell him I came by or tell him to call me.”
    “Oh, no baby, he won’t be callin you anymore. He’s gonna be too busy to.” Minnie left and went back home but before she did she stopped at the store. Kima saw her car leaving the drive way from Mann’s house she walked up to the door. “Mann, get in here, wake up. I know you didn’t leave Kima for that white girl? Why did you lie and say she was helping you with Algebra II? Kima was a nice girl.”
    “Ma, Kima wasn’t the one for me, All I wanted to do was hit it, but she got serious and I didn’t want to break things off with her when she was in love with me. Megan talks to me for me, she actually calls me by my name, not Mann. We don’t have dull conversations on the phone, when me and Kima talked all she talked about was her self and her problems, But with Megan she wants to know about my day before she talks about her’s. Ma, I know you hate white people, because that woman lied on daddy and he had to serve sometime, but you don’t have anything to do with him now…SO why don’t you like white people anymore? You hate my daddy now.”
    “Mann, Emmanuel Tariq SIMMONS, have you lost your mind?” She hits him. “I will not have a son of mine dating a white girl, There are some nice black girls out there. Especially Kima.”
    “Ma, you might as well hit me again, cause I’m in love with a white girl.” A knock on the door. “I’ll get it ma.” It was Kima and she was crying, she heard everything he just said. “Kima, what’s wrong?”
    “I just came by to show the Ultra Sound, but I didn’t knock…I heard everything…I didn’t know we stopped talkin’. Why? What? When did you decide you were cutting things off?”
    “Kima, I’m sorry. I love you, but I’m not in love with you.” Kima walks out and slams the door, She drops the Ultra Sound “Ki-” Mann was about to call her and he sat down to look at the Ultra Sound. “Mann, what have you gotten yourself into?”
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    dis story was all dat and some
    ya pen is pushing sweet
    keep it coming pt.2 please!!!!!!!
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    this is fiya!!!

    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: gurl u got me all cought up in this drama-rama !!!! this is fiyah yo keep it comin!!! cant wait to read tha next "chapter"!! :blob fire:
    *1 luV*
    -tha ille$t :peace: