Black Short Stories : Jungle Fever Part II

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    It was the week of exams. Kima and Mann hadn't talked in 3 weeks, Kima was very depressed. Minnie, on the other hand, was in love with Mann. She still came by his house when his mother wasn't there. THey kept there relationship on the low. If Minnie called Mann he'll delete the number off the C.I.D. and Off his cell. They sent more e-mails to each other than they talked becuase they didn't have to worry about some gettin suspicious. They hardly talked at school anymore. Mann and his mother only said a couple of things to each other, man was so fed up with his mother he was deciding on whether he should move in with his father who was closer to Minnie, or stay with his mom and let her nag him. Mann loved his mother but he couldn't take the mental abuse that he was recieving from his mother. "Ma, we need to talk."
    "About what son?"
    "What about you son?"
    "Well, ma...I know you don't want me to be with Minnie but ma, she actually cares about me, She doens't like me because I was the star football player she liked me for me."
    "So did Kima."
    "Ma, no Kima didn't...I lied to Kima one day and said I was quittin Football, she told me she was goin to leave me, if I did...that's love?"
    "Shut up boy, you got the girl pregnant and you ain't takin responsibilty for that baby, I don't want my first grandchild to be you hush up about that white girl and focus on school and your new baby that's coming." Mann didn't want to go see Kima but he did realize he had a responsiblyt on the way, and he also realized that he was goin to have to take care of a baby.
    "Hi, Emmanuel Simmons."
    "Hi, Mrs. Jones. Is Kima in?"
    "No, she's not...I believe her and Shay went to beat up some white girl" Kima didn't know who was at the door but she came to it anyway.
    "Mama who is..." She opened the door "...that?" Tears started forming. "What are you here for?"
    "I ca-"
    "You came to break my heart even more? Mann, I thought you were different. but your no different than any other boy I've been with. I though maybe because you were younger, that you might actually care for me. I was so wrong. I don't know why I belived that you would be different. I knew you broke so many hearts your tenth grade year...just add me to the broken hearts you collected."
    "I broke there hearts because they liked me for what I was, not who I was...They liked me because I was the star of the football team. Those girls were shallow."
    "So was I shallow? Is that why you broke my heart? I just wanted to be with you because you were a football I didn' told your mom, yourself, that you wanted to be with me so you could 'hit it' and what a mistake I I'm pregnant by a boy who left me for a white girl."
    "Can I come in? My momma told me to come by and I did..."
    "SO, that's why you came by? Because your momma told you too? Mann, you have your priorities mixed up...I think you need to leave."

    Kima had her baby 8 months later and her and Mann hardly talked unless he came to see the baby, Minnie always made sure she came too.
    "Why do you always have to bring her? You can't come see you own baby with out her? I don't want you anymore..I have a man and he takes car of us...So you can come with out her."
    "I know, but I chose not to. Me and My momma were wonderin if I could take the baby home with me tonight?"
    "Hell, naw..."
    'What? that is my baby too..."
    "Naw, she is my baby. I haven't talked to you in 8 months and you expect to take my baby only have visitation rights..."
    "...F. it then I don't want to see your baby, anyway." Minnie felt so bad when Kima and Mann fussed she felt like she was the blame for them fussin all the time. She never intended to get serious with Mann, but it just happened. "So, we've been together for almost a year now and I was wonderin when you were gonna tell your parents you have a black boyfriend?"
    "I never intended to, I mean I love you and Everything but my parents would kill me if they knew I was dating a black guy, or even a white guy that acts black they would kill me, literally KILL ME"
    "So, I told my momma who hated the fact that I left my black girl for you...she didn't talk to me the whole time Kima was pregnant and you won't tell them for me?"
    "Mann, my parents are so racist...I'm scared...what if somethig bad happens, like they try to kill you or something...That's why I hate the south...becuase they are so racist...I think we should move up north..."
    "There's no more we...just YOU and I..."

    Mann and Minnie broke up after that. Mann decided he didn't want to get serious with any girl any more. Him and his mother patched things up. He has a job now and is taking care of Emmanuel Tyrii Simmons-Jones aka Lil Mann

    Minnie finally told her parents that she was dating a black guy but they never found out who, She also told them that her best friend was a boy who was black and gay. They forbid her to see him again. Minnie now goes by Megan at the Private school she goes to now because she didn't want that name anymore.

    Kima and Mann are friends but nothing else, Kima is still in love with Mann, but she will never tell him. Shay and Kima are the best of friends always and forever. Kima found a new Mann and his name is Rontae and he takes care of the baby sometimes and Mann hates that.
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