Chief Elder Osiris : June 24-25 Gathering In Orlando, Florida

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    The June 24-25 Gathering, In Orlando, Florida

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    A response from Chief Elder Osiris to those of you that have requested an opportunity to come to Orlando, Florida to sit and reason with Chief Elder Osiris and now he summon you to come.

    Beloved, be not confuse concerning the June 24 Summon, such is and will not be just another meeting of confused Black folks, coming with their own personal/group/organization hidden agenda and hang-ups, for purpose to cause confusing the way we do whenever we come in large crowds under the pretense of being concerned with the problems that now hold Black Folks Mentally bounded.

    The June 24 gathering is about unity of Mind and a oneness of focus, as we reason together without ideological and philosophical prejudices, there will be no discrimination regarding issues that has a direct connection to the pain, suffering and death of Black people, be we in america, the rest of the Diaspora and Afrika, this will be a gathering of Mental solidarity and commitment of purpose, which is to secure our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and the Liberation of the Black so call Afrikan, those that are well aware of the fact that Black Folks are in trouble in and by this world and pretend not the opposite to be True, which is that Black Folks never had it so good today.

    This will not be a gathering for purpose to try and impress with a large crowd of confuse with self inflicted ego and organization rivalry, the irrational emotion that now have Black folks not knowing what is really up and what is down concerning the Universe and life action.

    Give me Three strong Unified absent of Ego and wantonly jealousy and I will show you what a True Fight for Liberation foundation is made of, our Fight must be based upon Truth and Reality and when we use such a Divine concept, then we will know that the devil institutions are not a friend to the action of Black folks Liberation.

    Beloved, if we are caught up in the web of believing that the devil institution is there to see to it that Justice is served to Black folks, then we all are Fools made to be blind and an enemy to knowing that which is True and Real in and out of this world.

    Beloved the only reason we should confront the evil institutions of the devilish white /Arab/Zionist people of power is to inflict the power of Black Folks Unity upon them, showing them through such Black Unity, that they no longer have control of the Divine Black Mind and speak before this devilish behavior of our oppressors, with a force they would know that they will have to reckon with and do so knowing that the Black force now demanding Justice do so without the weakness of fear and a fearless warrior is a dead serious warrior that will take nothing less than Justice, the sovereignty of Life, and an _expression of our independence of that which govern our Black Life.

    Beloved, such is what this June 24 gathering is all about and we who attend will take that attendance as being the first step toward the journey that will lead to Black folks Liberation, because you see beloved, we know that those that labor is few but the crop is plentiful, which happen to be the rank and file of Black Folks in america, the rest of the Diaspora and in Afrika and they are those we have up to now, abandoned, but not any more because they are they that the June 24 gathering will be focusing on, because we are wise enough to know where the power of Black folks are, and it is in those Black Minds that have been forsaken, sacrificed, all for the selfish advancement of some fantasized talented Tenth, the True internal enemy of Black folks, they are they that Truthfully and Really impede the Liberation of the Black Nation, preventing such a Nation from rising, but not no more beloved, because the June 24 gathering will be liken to a suitcase Neutron Bomb.

    For more Info. Contact:[email protected] or [email protected]

    Here Is Loving The Black So call Afrikan, Even In spite Of Ourselves!!!-osiris

    I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On Doing What come Naturally To The True Divine Black So Call Afrikan And That Is Fighting For Our Liberation, Because Freedom Is A Natural Way Of Living To The Divine Black So Call Afrikan.

    Chief Elder