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Feb 28, 2001
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Welcome to our July Edition. And please Pardon Us. There is just so much
going on the literary world until it is impossible to keep up. The article
on Copyright Information will appear here, next month.

But...we have a review from Lena Williams, and the calendar of events for
this month. A tip for self-publishers (literary entrepreneurs).

AND...check out Delores in the current issue of the Big Lick Literary
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Dangerous Dilemmas
Evelyn Palfrey

Author Evelyn Palfrey has once again written an excellent novel where she
has combined romance and suspense. In her second novel, Dangerous
Dilemmas, emotions are awakened between these pages.
The readers are introduced to her heroine Audrey Roberts a devoted wife an
loving mother. In an attempt to bond with her daughter Rosalee after
feeling a distance growing between them, Audrey decided to take a short
trip. At the last minute, decided to go to their condo in Shreveport
instead of camping, she received the shock of her life. Her lawyer
husband, Sam, caught in bed with his lover.
At this point, Audrey normally a passive person realized that she had to
face important issues in her life. The betrayal was so devastating but at
the same time knowing that she had to protect her children, she decided to
exhaust all her energies on her son.
Against her husband’s wishes, she attempted to assist her son Malcolm who
had been charged with a murder that he insisted he had not committed.
Sam feared that Audrey would ruin his precious reputation at his law
practice, was forced to help her financially raise money for an attorney
for their son.
Audrey was befriended by a man named Maxwell, while in Houston visiting
her son in jail. Maxwell was nice enough to come to her rescue, after a
futile attempt at changing a flat tire. He helped to regain her
confidence after suffering the horrible shock of infidelity by her
husband. He took her out to dinner and a friendship developed between the
Audrey received another shock when she entered the courtroom and
discovered that Maxwell was the arresting officer in her son’s case.
Dangerous Dilemma contains many more suspenseful events and even more
shocks as the story was read. It contained a very intriguing storyline
and anyone familiar with this author will not be disappointed in her new

Reviewed by Lena Williams

Publisher: Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.
1230 Avenue of the Americas,
New York, NY 10020
cost: $12.95

Please keep these events in mind:

Sadorian Publications presents: Black Writers Emerge The New Era in
& Publishing 2001 Conference

Durham, NC July
6th-8th, 2001

For more information visit Sadorian Publications:
Third Annual Harlem Book Fair is July 21. (135th Street between Lenox and
Malcolm X Blvd, NYC)

Sites of interest: American Authors Helping Authors

R.A.W. SISTAZ...........Reading And Writing SISTAZ!
Combining Literature and Sisterhood

July''s issue of the Big Lick Literary Review is officially on in living
color. Enjoy!
J. J. Murray
Editor, The Big Lick Literary Review

Tip for Self-publishers:
Please go to this site: Wonderful things are happening
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That concludes this edition, please see us again next month.


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