Black Poetry : July 4th rant


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Mar 13, 2006
Somewhere between paradise and diaster
We celebrate our freedom, for freedom sake,
However it is time for this country to awake.

Awake from the intoxicating sleep that binds
Remove from our sleepy eyes the enchantment that blinds,

The eyes of a nation that is hailed as being the most powerful,
but do we really have the true power, to me this seems doubtful,

When will we learn to return to the concept of "Stop by America 1st",
Why are we trying to help everyone else when we're hurting the worst.

Our troops are fighting overseas,
while families pray for their safe return on bended knees.

Men and women putting their life on the line,
So our freedom will remain in tact, but our freedom don't always feel so fine.

We're still held captive by inequality, proverty, and mind sets of depression,
Some feel they don't have a shot, unless they resort to using Smith & Wesson.

Most aren't trying to create any problems you see,
they just trying to stimulate their own economy.

Stimulus checks spent before they even arrived,
many shaking their head wondering how i'm suppose to survive.

Its now a daily struggle and sacrifice,
to stretch dollars for the food and gas price,

Americans we have to keep pushing on,
Even through stranglation hold of almighty Exxon,

Change coming and Yes We can, get back on track,
But its going to take a whole nation to take our real freedom back.

No matter how things look or how they feel,
We must keep our faith in a God who is real.

He is still in control, contrary to want you make think,
He still is able to change the situation faster than we can blink.

So no matter who we nominate in November,
We can't get to idealistic lest we forget and fail to remember..

that this country will never get back to its former glory,
Until it goes back to God's orginial intended story.

So we celebrate the 4th and We celebrate our supposed freedom,
But lets not forget to celebrate the Almighty God, cause we all need Him

Asimplepoet and Manifested Revelation collaboration


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