Chief Elder Osiris : Judging Religion And Condemning Its Action Is A Noble Thing For Black People To Do!!!

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    Judging Religion And Condemning Its Action Is A Noble Thing For Black People To Do!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Let me begin by sharing with you that I am a former ordain Baptist Minister, and at one Time I was without the Divine Knowledge, and therefore I believed that religion was a moral imperative, until I was allowed to see beyond looking and to know without the virus of believing, concerning the Divine Essence God, the Universe, and about the Black Body Self.

    So I share this with you, without fear or regret, but with the bravery and determination to share with you Black people, what is Divinely Real and True, and what I share with you, is for your examination with the use of a Divine Mind, and it is Afrika freedom and Black peole Unity, that is at stake here today.

    The only higher authority we need to answer to, is our intuitive self , because the Divine Essence does not command you nor demand anything of you.

    Yet, in religion you are scared up and made to be fearful of the religious god, which is Lucifer the Human Being, he to whom the Human Being has to answer to, as he has established his rule of law that govern your profane Human Being religious mind, in his evil world.

    Beloved, your judgment day is every day and the judge is your Mind.

    So, that is why the quality of your mind is so important to your Body Life living, because from your mind is what reveal your spirit and your spirit is no more than an expression of your attitudinal behavior, which is profane or Divine.

    Your Mind is the higher authority over your life and if you allow your mind to be manipulated and influenced, based upon the choice you make in life, then the manipulator of your mind is the higher authority over your life.

    The Divine Essence has nothing to do with the decisions you make in life, it is your will, which is arriving from the action of your mind, which is your Body Life higher authority.

    Judge Ye Not That Ye May Not Be Judged, such is the most lying and deceiving religious protective statement Lucifer has so declared in the body of his religious doctrine, and you Black Folks have fallen for such a Devilish tactic that have you fearful to judge the obvious that is responsible for the Fall, Enslavement, and colonizing of the Black World, Satan the Lucifer, he using as his weapon, Religion.

    Fear God, religion tell you to do, and when you do, you serve as a security blanket around the very institution that have our Black Mind in a paralyzed state of inaction, protecting the pusher of Religion, the drug that Lucifer created for the purpose to seduce and conquer the Black World.

    There is no religion that is deserving of Black people respect, all have contributed to the fall of a Divine Black Nation.

    So, do not come to me telling me to wait and see what the out come will be concerning Eddie Long, he has already confessed to be a servant of Lucifer, serving as a surrogate to Lucifer religion, and it is religion that is the haven for Homosexual seduction and practice, because Homosexuality is the History of Lucifer the Human Being, all the way back to the Dawning of his civilization, which is the beginning of his rule over the Black world.

    Tell me Beloved Black so call Afrikans, why is it that you are so meek and humble in the grip of religion, well I will tell you why, it is religion that serve as the habitual addicting dope drug, that have you without your Divine Mind, and a Mind that is not Divine, is a mind that is blind and can not see the Divine Truth, and it is such a Truth that lead you to fight for your freedom, because with your Divine Mind, it will allow you to see that you Black people are not free.

    With the Mind of Lucifer the Homosexual, you have no desire to free your self from your religious addiction, and as long as you are a religious drug addict, you will be yelling out that we should wait before we judge and condemn the guilty, and the criminals that are in the midst of Black people, keeping us in the prison of Lucifer profane mind, happen to be the religious pushers who serve as tricksters, liars, deceivers, and traitors to the Black Nation, they are the obvious guilty evil that feed the religious drug to Black people, which prevent us from Thinking Divinely.

    The charges against Eddie Long as I have shared with you, such is much bigger than that dope pushing religious harlot, it is about the conning tentacles of Religion, they that stretch around the Human Being World, injecting the poison dope of religion that secure the mind presence of Lucifer spirit of Homosexuality in your Black Body life.

    I am not in wonder why it is that Black people defend religion and attack the non religious, implying that we are atheist without a belief in God, yes the Religious God, because to interact with the Divine Essence God, you must Know what that God Is, and the mere fact that the religious addicts are required to believe in such a God of religion, is what sustain the power of Lucifer the Homosexual, over the believing world of religion.

    You go and bring me 100 mega churches ministers and you put the question of Homosexuality as a practice of acceptance or not, to them, and have them to declare their position on the act of Homosexuality, and then you take your religious blinders off and see what their response will be, and I guarantee to you that their response will not be a clear and explicit condemnation of such an act.

    Beloved, the Black Religious Ministerial surrogates of Lucifer, they are not to be trusted, they have taken the oath to lie and deceive you, by feeding to you Lucifer Religion.

    So, in those Ministers Lucifer Human Being Mind, there is no conscious that condemn their action, coming from such a low down mind, they are angels of Lucifer and is untouchable by you, because they have you so addicted with Lucifer Religion.

    There is no need to wait in order to determine the guilt or innocence of Eddie Long.

    Bishop Eddie Long, he has confessed his Homosexual tendencies when he made claim to the world that he hang with the pope and Tony Blair, Mr. Blair being a surrogate of the Queen of England, she being the goddess to Lucifer, and it is the pope and Queen that sit on the Throne of religious mischief.

    So, on that level of power, Homosexuality activity becomes the rite of passage in the High echelon of the Religious Hierarchy.

    It is religion that is the nemesis to the Black Race, it has always been an enemy to Divine Knowledge about the Divine Essence.

    So, do not become confused about those who rise in second string power in the Black churches and such power is limited to be over Black people, because the likes of Eddie Long has already told to you where his loyalty rest, and it is with the Pope, the Lucifer King of this Evil world, he is presiding over the largest institution in the world, Religion, regardless of the denomination differences, when in actuality, there is none.

    Give Black Folks a break?

    Beloved, Black Folks for the last 10,000 years have had nothing but a break from the Divine Truth, and that is why Afrika is as it is, and is why Black people have no Spiritual connection to Afrika, and is why Black people do not today, know in this Hellish World who we are.

    A Break, it is past Time for Black people to become exposed to the Divine Truth, and most of us will not like the Divine Truth, because it reveal how ignorant we have been made to become, about ourselves, and it is self ignorance that reveal to be power that religion has over the mind of most Black people today, religion is used as a weapon of Mass Destruction against the Black World, and it is religion that now have us fearful of judging Evil, right here in our midst.

    We hate perfection and we love imperfection, because imperfection give you the claim of excuse for the evil we do

    What a Fall Black people have experienced, a fall away from our Divine Mind, as we now function under the power of Lucifer the Human Being Mind, and it is such a mind that has proved to be an enemy to Afrika , and it is such a religious mind that is against the Unity of the Black so call Afrikan people.

    Divine Spirituality is the Divine Mind identity, and such a quality of spirit can not and does not come from the profane Mind that created religion, such a profane mind being the calling card of Lucifer the Homosexual Human Being.

    That is why you run from the bok, Divine Spirituality, Getting To Know The Real You, because Divine Knowledge condemn a profane Mind.

    Beloved, Homosexuality behavior is the New World Order, it now is being introduced to you without the closet.

    Lucifer Time has come to make his final move to conquer the world, and to change the order he had to use in order to get you mentally indoctrinated to be acceptance to that form of sexuality, and for you to receive it as the Social order of the present day in his construction of a New World Order, the religious believer using the tenets of Religion to do so, religion being the drug used to cause an addiction of a world that is of Lucifer making.

    So you must come to see beloved, most Black people are not mentally qualified to know with understanding the sophistication that is involved in changing an entire world order, to something that was the primary design all of the Time of Lucifer presence, and today, in Lucifer World, Homosexuality is the New World Order Mantle piece.

    Black people are fearful in denouncing such an unnatural act, as we now condemn those of us who know why such an act must be condemn, and it is for the Black generations to come and they are deserving to come into an environment where the Divine Being and not the Human Being, is in power and authority over the Black Body Life living.

    Only a foolish and profane religious mind will reject our Children today, and generations to come, they being entitle to such love and respect for their Divine Right to be mentally free in an environment so created by a Divine Black so call Afrikan Mind.

    Beloved, All Is Not What It Look To Be, But All Is What You Are Qualified To See It Is.

    Looking Is Believing and Seeing is Knowing.

    So, Many Black people are looking at Eddie Long being what you want him to be, and therefore you are incapable of seeing Eddie Long for what he has been made to be, while in your midst of want and not need.

    Black people need to see the Divine Truth, concerning the Religious Pushers without a cause that is for freedom for the Black World.

    Beloved, abandon Lucifer Religion and Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan will rise to become Free and unified again

    I am who I have been given to be, A Divine Being Rooted In my intuitive Self, with a Divine love for a people I have been allowed to see and know, Black and Human they now identify themselves to be, yet I remain Energized by the Divine Soul of my Being.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

    [email protected]
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    interesting script

    Judge not least ye may be judge-

    I agree judgement happens just once, because overall "to judge" would mean to form an opinion about

    I don't think it means imposing your opinions on others through the action of religion or any other institution for that matter, because that would be clearly forming someone elses' opinion for them, or thinking for them

    or preconditioning them to think what you want them to think at a later time

    so long as people remain on the "low" about who and what they really are, they gets no light-

    judging someone, or forming an opinion about someone without actually knowing the cause for their condition is the state of ignorance, intelligent ignorance at that

    I look at the "black" president and how he turned on his religion/pastor when he didn't suit his cause any longer

    then I look at a theory such as that of willie lynch ... take the mind, leave the body

    so actually the mind of lucifer if that's the symbol we want to use, would be the opposite of body.....

    because to expand this particular theory one would have to acknowledge that the body is a formation of the elements of earth, and the mind is what animates or projects

    man has no ability to be the projector, and so he serves to container

    free means not homo phobic

    the race is one between homo sapiens

    shame caused by religion would cause the emotion to turn on self, true self

    GOD has never abandoned anyone, so Gods/Goddesses and projections of the Divine Mind should act in accordance with the character of that which we know

    Whatever activates mr. longs loins and controls his mind is the same as what controls a priests mind as they stand on the same foundation/plantation

    so first desperation is created, and then the astral projection, then the perceived blessing and then the perceived downfall

    rationally enough there can't be a new world order if there has never been any real world order

    order here is only a matter of majority of calm

    intently enough self governance would be based on one's ability to form opinion to form self, but to never apply judgement or action to that which has formed of it's own accord

    astral projection is a mimic of birth as so everything is a projection of what is to be or can be

    so even the willie lynch theory is a mis applied concept

    cause i'll tell ya ain't nobody taking my mind and leaving my "body" here projected to dissolve and reform

    GOD has endured enough, and if we can't see that then who's to blame for a missed blessing and birthrite

    and IMHO it sure ain't "lucifer the homosexual"

    Much Peace to You
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