Black Poetry : Judge / Prosecutor / Jena


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Here he sit deep inside
where his soul truely cried
cry freedom
stung under unjustical maze
as an adult
Jena set off an blaze
Michael Bell set for a new wave
but da judge and prosecutor
vanish da stage
yet still he live in Jena cage
for what
we da people now in rage
punish for human rights
racism of louie still da site
uncovered another southern town
dat now have many in frownz
we can't lay down tis time
we have to deliver, no longer blind
Michael we ride beside u son
be stong we shall become da victory one
now let's see what is done
to these children who made a stand
as da noose still hang low
like it's a snowy day
but tis christmas will be black display
where hell fire rain and flow
Jena o' Jena let these boyz go
jena here us and let our people go

Free thy sons of face destruction
before u become da forgotten ena
Jena laws don't define
we here our children sadly cryin
we shall stand / march
in this movement to change da racism law
no truth no clue to why
u thought u had these babies hide
but thy people up coming we ride
strong they not alone
Jena let my people go
uncage & free da boyz
prosecutor / judge beware we care
we won't go away or play tis game
we will roll in and put jena to shame
allow us our place to state thou claim
know our reason or feel da aim

Let my people go !
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