Black Poetry : Journey to the Platform


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Dec 10, 2007
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Journey to the Platform

Driving fast to get there ‘cause I can’t be late.
If I miss it this time I’ll have to wait.
The cars in front of me are moving so slow.
Only 30 minutes left and now it’s starting to snow!

A detour? Now what am I gonna do?
I’m only 5 blocks away so I’ll take the short cut to get through.
Another 10 minutes passes and the parking lot is packed.
If I don’t get inside soon somebody’s gonna get smacked!!

Only 10 more minutes as I enter the depot.
People standing everywhere preparing to go.
It seems I made it in the nick of time so I’ll just sit and catch my breath.
I must be a glutton for punishment or maybe its sudden death.

****, I can’t believe I’m down here one ‘mo ‘gin!
Why do I keep doing this to myself? This is a real mess I’m in.
I was doing so well before but now I think I must be going insane!
Uh oh, they just made the announcement for the arrival of the train.

My knees feel weak and I’m starting to perspire!
I said I wasn’t doing this again but I guess I’m a liar.
‘Cause here I go making my pathway just like all those times before…
Out the door, down the ramp, to the platform I soar.

I’m trying to look over the people ahead to see what I can see.
My heart is racing as I wonder to myself if I should have just let it be.
Just when I begin to change my mind our eyes connect with one another.
My heart skips two beats as I gaze upon this fine, chocolate brother.

I proceed to make my way to him, moving past the people without a fight.
How could this possibly be so wrong when it feels so doggone right!
Now that I stand before him the look in his eyes says it all.
He needs me as much as I need him so I know one day I’ll get that call…

That text, that email, or instant message that announces he’s taking me away…
To a deserted isle or a Caribbean cruise with the all you can eat love buffet.
This brief moment will pass away soon as he embraces me in his arms
But we know the love that has altered our hearts forever will always be alive and well at the platform.

i was there when you were on the platform
i saw the look in your eye you wanted to get your love on
you were there to meet brotha who's not just there to get his mac on
someone who can appreciate your intelligence, hold you and get your laugh on

i saw you anticipating this meeting in your eye and the sparkle
i saw a Ebony Queen meet her KING so i sat back and marveled
that brotha is so lucky because you're so beautiful who could argue
and that brotha knows you look good but he also knows how your heart do

peace sista HOPE

dang you got a verse out of me
i love this ride the anticipation

man so much power

i was there observing your joy

ok ok the secret is out

i'm a closet hopeless romantic

Another day passed us by
at the platform my my my
i saw the smile and tear in ya eye
when i said i'm staying a while
o'kay it wasn't me
i can dream too right
oh my goodness daylight
as the train slowly move out of sight

this was off the hook and on the track wit a hoot hoot !!!


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