Black Sports : Jordan a coward for retiring able-bodied?

Discussion in 'Black Sports' started by skuderjaymes, Oct 27, 2010.

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    I'm still mad that Mike retired.. I think it was a cowardly move.. I think he was
    playing great for a man of his age. He wasn't as explosive as he was at 25 but
    who is.. time goes on, roles change. When players like Barkley retired it was
    time.. they were old and beat down.. Mike was still sharp. He still had a good
    4 or 5 years left in him. But I think his ego got in the way and he walked away
    from the game that he loved and the game that loved him. I think he let the
    sports writers and their whole obsession with story-like endings get in his head.
    I like players like Kareem.. Robert Parish.. David Robinson.. Shaq ..guys that
    egos allow them to pass the torch and still play the game.. they don't have
    to quit because they can't be the focus. That's my only criticism of my
    favorite player of all time..

    I still think jordan could put on his shoes and get out there and play as good
    as 90% of the players in the league.. average a good 18 points.. be the elder
    statesman of some solid team..
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    To "retire" from the association when ur on top of ur game is the best personal choice that Mr. Jordan has made

    He was en route to losing himself to gambling and the concept of this type of debt

    he entered the "league" with his gift, and he exited the "league" with his gift

    In essence he lived through the birth of Hiphop

    the tragic loss of his father and participating in the rituals of life and death, and the downlow practices of association members will one day have to survive without the Goddess given talent of Mike

    and as you can see the league ain't exactly what it use to be

    Jordan is a story of dedication, motivation and drive, a living legend

    still living

    and if it's all the same imma keep it that way

    stories of Jordan's infidelity and downfall didn't arise until he wished to retire

    when magic wanted to leave hiv surfaced, it's now in remission but his fear and his continuation of contracting aids means he is a coward by his own hand

    his number was 32 the reverse of Jordan, and we all know magic is no jordan, he was an assist man

    Jordan is a diverse all around athlete

    I respect his retirement because it is better to be able to live with yourself because time reveals that if you live through the eyes of others they will make you out to be whatever they need to survive falling

    the nba been in decline mode since the 80's to early 90's
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    least he had the freedom n ability to retire on his own terms
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    Jordan knew it was time and to leave the game of basketball when you on top
    a champion and knowing you can still play was a good choice and not wait til
    his body is run down !

    Mike struggled them long 6 or 7 season before they finally got over the hump
    to capture a title , mentally Mike was worn down somewhat but his will carried
    him through the roaring thunderous years .

    I hate to see him go but i also want to see him leave on top as he did
    and now he got what he wanted for so long , to be home and own the Bobcats
    he fulfill all his dreams and his passion for the game truely there was nothing left
    for him to strive for or prove.......
    Now i wanna see how successful will he be as an Owner, I'm happy he left and not
    look like Allen Iverson where nobody want him ....