Black People : JoNina Abron and Lorenzo Ervin on the mistakes of the BPP

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    "We did not have a complete understanding of what scale of confrontation we were entering with the state at that stage already. We had these agents provocateurs sent in to disrupt us. We'd let anybody walk in off the street to join, so in came these infiltrators and paid informants. I think that was one of our main errors. We were young, we were basically kids, we didn't know. That just made it easier for the Counter-Intelligence Programme to destroy us. I think that in the present day and time you have to do a lot more in terms of assessing people when they come to join you."--JoNina

    "Now, if there had been more tested leadership, if there had been, certainly, a membership base that demanded more accountability, you know-if, if, if,-perhaps the organization would still be alive and around today. You know it may have had a different history. We might have been at a different stage of struggle in the United States, by this time have had a civil war, a revolution-who knows!"--Lorenzo

    "So, I think what is really important is to have accountability within the organization. Have broad-based coalitions that are accountable to the community as well as to the masses in the organization itself."--Lorenzo

    "If there are contradictions inside the organization, air them; they cannot be allowed to fester. You have to make it a policy-you've something to say about somebody, bring it forward and make it public."--Lorenzo
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