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    Over the past six years, more than five million people have been massacred in a silent genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo, yet the world is silent. Why?
    Is it because Rwandan, Ugandan and Burun.dian troops with the complicity of some Congolese rebel puppets, who carry out this genocide are proxies of western imperialism, which has no respect for the people and land of Africa?

    Is it because of Congo's tremendous natural and mineral resources, which outsiders are to get their hands on, especially the mineral coltan, which is essential to the mobile phone industry?

    How can the international community and the media be completely oblivious to a genocide of such a scale? How do you explain it?

    For answers to such questions, and to help build solidarity with the Congolese people,
    join Hewa Bora - Free Congo Campaign today!

    For information please email [email protected] or telephone 07951 193 532