Black Poetry : John when in high school try rule had friends close as two Coats of paint founded dope make folks fa

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    John when in high school try rule had friends close as two
    Coats of paint founded dope make folks faint he need true
    To warn him about strangers and dangers they both can kill
    He’s equip with words and scripts and verbs that will fill
    Papers and build skyscrapers his facts great and huge will
    Activate fuse that’ll explode a charge his road is large from
    The streets to the garage so shine his ride and drink some rum
    He’s mad convinced that his car add strength to getting a date
    His mind no doubt swells hard to get him out his shell no escape
    From shame can’t play the dumb game and come as a no name fake
    Go for a ride and provide whatever it takes for days and never
    Late for a date always on time got a strong mind when on endeavors
    Word in December is that he served as a member of the player’s
    Club, ballistic acts involve statistics and facts even to dragon slayers
    It’s EXCALIBUR in AMERICA being MERLIN in life is hurling
    A knife, my bling is sterling silver nice around his neck while twirling
    My banana in the wind, he can be founded on the street dancing to
    A renowned beat this cool behavior will rule in favor of romancing true
    To HIP HOP, plays golf on Wednesday for the higher good and like
    TIGER WOOD he wins and begins to spend time at the bar much hype

    I wanna clutch your waist but maybe a bit much to taste your lips
    also, if your cake was a snake it'll bite but now it just grabs and grips
    my love talk thrill you to pieces and can fill Reese's peanut butter
    cups and clutter up your panties
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    John when in high school
    He really try rule
    Feast on the vapor
    From a piece of paper
    Oh yes the bling is all whack
    The best hings come in small packs
    Like to post stuff
    That’s close enough
    For HIP HOP work
    Scripts hot they perk
    So he took notes in class
    And looked at quotes fast
    Wanted to sniff perfume
    But couldn't lift a tune
    So he couldn't sing
    And wouldn't bling
    Go to the hood a plenty
    See and talk to a good many
    Folks but needed some true

    friends close as two //
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    TIGER WOOD he wins and begins to spend time at the bar much hype
    I wanna clutch your waist but maybe a bit much to taste your lips
    also, if your cake was a snake it'll bite but now it just grabs and grips
    my love talk thrill you to pieces and can fill Reese's peanut butter
    cups and clutter up your panties with that love talk slang

    Look John having fun just grabbing hons met a girl name Jane
    He used the right lines oh yes having quite a time so he came
    To ignite her mind with love talk the beach be more than just
    Seashore, so what seem to be a dream is extreme reality must
    Deal with this

    “look boo love is a task that’s bright saw you in
    The club last night was that your man? Did he have a phat plan when
    Yall met? So boo wanna get to know you I insist on a kiss and then
    We could date you got good cake I would take you to dinner anytime
    Buy plenty wine show you many signs as our lips and heart intertwine
    A player at the club I wanna put a layer of love on your body and party
    I support hope right now in a sports coat and necktie ready for Bacardi
    Want to wreck pie; boo you know how we do Back to the Future like Marty
    Mcfly, gonna go licking crazy on your chicken and gravy try scatter your
    Batter like what’s the matter? Up the ladder and can’t come down girl more
    To come ready to pour rum can’t ignore some of the comments, but boo
    You very cute I always carry a suit in case I have to dress up and be true
    Let me play around while you lay down and surrender that tender cake
    Sweaty and ready to take part and make a start got with a strong great
    Kiss got long straight list of things to do while your lips cling true to
    Mine, shock an alarmed how one kiss could be a shot in the arm a few
    Of those could perk up my game while you twerk for fame love you boo
    My words are true and I urge you to kiss my lips on the verge of getting
    Serious, my eyes made to charm but you a babe in my arms jest letting
    Me kiss your lips, wanna open your door while hoping galore that we
    Fall on the bed, lips all red, sweaty pledge ready to beg now on one knee
    Body fun brown and nice made my head spun around twice now dizzy
    Boo you a wet soft queen, you get to scream and let off steam be busy
    I bet you can toss mean kisses at my lips and your body stats grips the seams
    Of my mind girl you fine the deft, you got bizarre hips we can take car trips
    And be on dubs listening to HIP HOP kissing a lot, wow my pants just ripped
    Love all type of girls but like squirrels sometimes I’m chased away but
    I want lace today or I’m going nuts, knowing what’s up I’m King Tut
    Pursue food with a new attitude boo this prove I love you girl for
    Real, touch waistlines and search to taste wines be a world star
    Seek love speak in clubs and wait for sweet hugs I get at bars
    Look boo you flirt and that do the work of ten girl it begin
    A world of chase while you hurl laced in my face you win
    Crave while you flirting today behave a certain way mini-
    Skirting here to stay realize by your hot thighs that your pot
    Pies are hot in the car a lot don’t matter bar are not gonna plot
    To get some and its wet yum! Yum! You got cake and smart
    Ready to take part in romance elevate on a swell date is heart
    Felt, juices collect and produce effects wow sheets get wet
    So boo you feel the heat yet? Girl got me in a cold sweat
    Need cake for satisfaction sweaty and ready to take action
    So I arrived with flowers but was deprived of powers when
    I couldn’t kiss your hot lips and sugar drops jest drip then
    I beg, key words and jazz serve as tool to open doors so boo
    Can I undo the lock cute let me knock the boots I’ll be true to you
    New booty a true cutie ready to do my duty, collisions sometime
    With decisions of the mind with vision find answers online
    Got a chrome hummer boo need your phone number tonight’s math
    Got me on a flight path to land somewhere in your bedroom the wrath
    Of sex, get props that fly just to occupy this seat ready to kiss a sweet
    Never miss a beat with my love talk wow slip down twist my feet
    So boo let’s go reminisce at my suite


    I wear perfume bold and you wanna assume the role of being my
    Boyfriend the heart of a thug is like a spark plug fired up and fry
    Like chicken you wanna try licking my lips and stuff, you want
    Cake to pull in bed so you full my head with misled love talk don’t
    Do that my pies could spill and your eyes filled to romantic satisfaction
    Thrilled like Janet Jackson “its All Right with Me” not a fatal attraction
    This dame sweet and wet but your brain streaked with sweat and your feet
    Are yet to wear Timberlands, you want complex pies and sex is a wise unique
    Exercise bed sheets flex and ties you down, get props for soft breasts being hot
    Off the press like newspapers, boys jest go crazy thinking see their plot
    Is to get some, boys live in soft sheets when a girl’s body gives off heat
    Bedsprings break her thing is jest cake she’s kissed from head to feet
    Want to pop in a CD cling to the musical and bring the usual which
    Is good luck and this should up your status because you really itch
    To get some out of bold passion maybe old fashion marked by love
    Extended meaning art in the club frequently rolling up to the club
    Your brim recently stolen by a thug, so you out to score with a girl
    On the internet you wanna post frequent and your most recent hurl
    Through my mind had to have true wine to wash it down it was a whirl
    Wind and you want me to be your girlfriend and this cause my candy curls
    To flop, I think you wanna be hot and heavy in a drop top Chevy pearls
    On the dash getting with girls fast look I’m shook tonight ready to book
    A flight to the crazy Bahamas jest thinking about baby momma drama hooked
    On phonics and HIP HOP this grip a lot of my mind, panties hot pink as boys
    Drop ink in love letters in a conversation juiced while a sensation annoys
    Me produced by love you have no excuse to rub my thighs jest wanna grub
    On my pies oh my how love time flies and blind the skies of reality could rub
    A girl the wrong way, well it is what it is a crave for sex have to save the kotex
    Think you wanna deliver a kiss make my cake shiver from this my wet river
    Brisk with streams and creams and boys dream stuff that’ll make a girl quiver
    Best use wild protection can catch a mild infection hormones blow up like
    Holes in a donut so softly boys want my coffee in bizarre cups that’s spiked
    With rum at STARBUCKS, you hot and sprung but not your lungs you need
    Them to sniff my perfume wanna lift my skirt in the bedroom and then feed
    My body wow my mind pure and need to find a cure end up blind for sure
    Walking down this path a kiss become math need mad luck to add up and tour
    This road, no doubt oceans without emotions on route for potions of love one
    Stout hug could cause a landslide but I do plan to ride in your drop top for fun
    You deal with queens and feel the extremes probably will kneel for cream
    You Drink beer and shrink from fear but I have to think clear and scream
    After a bad dream some situations regard with disgust it’s hard to discuss
    Your game mixed and my mind remain fixed in a certain state it’s must
    I be flirting cake, to wait for romance is like a break dance your body spin
    Around and boys party down and prepare for an affair every now and then
    I think you wanna rub my legs and thighs won’t be able to get a word in
    Edge wise because you’ll jest beg for my pies after that a disaster stat awaits


    I use to ball at the mall
    Boys be there wall to wall
    Some forget their words and stall
    Trying to arrange a date
    Actually trying for some strange cake
    And this boasts concern
    While my body toasts and burn
    And in the Mall a host of firms
    I was dressed in a min-skirt
    Just liquid food like any yogurt
    Made from curdled milk
    Afraid some boys have hurdled silk
    To get some plus my body fertile and built
    Some boys slow like a turtle and feel guilt
    I jest continue to strut butt
    My New Years on the up and up
    Body like a dark colored rum
    Really from the heart and buttered some
    Boys come with words or short phrase
    And expect to get all sorts of praise
    So really I’m kinda amazed
    At their attempts
    But also aware of pimps
    Some talk quotes in a hurry
    I don’t listen none are noteworthy
    Some boys scrupts are lyrical
    And attached to strips of material
    Like bra and panties
    From their car observe fannies
    One boy wanna put a new label
    On my wet stew and bagel
    One boy looking at my lips wrong
    Kisses probably strong as a dripstone
    Across the top of a door
    Use boss raps to get me hot galore
    Come clean with some legit tight rap
    Could end up in bed wearing a knit night-cap
    Some calls me as a slick dame
    Having a blast with my nickname
    Jest love to feast and flirt
    Body fine a nice piece of work
    Boys eyes good atleast they alert
    Some boys love letter and write soft
    Words but don’t mess aournd and bite off
    More than he can chew get choked have to cough
    At home I’m taught
    To acknowledge my own fault
    But right now my mind blown caught
    Up in phonics it so ironic how I bought
    Time just to think must express appreciation
    And really breast are jest finesse in a creation
    Up and about but on a corrupt route
    And my luck about to run out
    Love talk excite me and stuff
    But I’ve had quite enough
    Already sweaty tonight been tough
    Tall and brown looking all around
    In hopes I don’t fall down it’ll astound
    Me to do so but giving life a true go
    Or stuck on an island like Robinson Cruso
    My butt and luck is graphic
    When being kissed stuck in traffic
    An army of harmony about the room
    Like a bad horn I’m out of tune
    But at home sound and tone
    Must relax put a gown on
    So now this boy walks up
    started to talk out of luck

    HE SAID:
    “look boo you my all in the Mall
    So fine and tall mind about to fall
    In love with you and it’s a known fact
    To tongue a girl is just a grown fact
    Love should bring and abundance of good things
    It from the heart brisk starts with a kiss and a ring
    Like what happened to BEYONCE I like it boo
    So a ring is going on it affection no rejection who
    You been giving it too? Wanna make a correction
    It’ll be so right if we go home tonight, protection
    In my pocket a Trojan ready for explosion boom
    In the bed room, using love talk firing away
    In what seems to be a cake walk tiring day
    You wet boo and I wanna get through to
    You, we can have a true love wear FUBU
    And be running to Shaolin like the Wu Tang Crew
    In the mall cash rules love smash fools
    Never put love to wrong use
    Payback could be a strong noose
    Think about it home no excuse
    So boo in the club love could be loud
    My mind jest fly above the clouds
    Of the DJ’S music slow dance so proud
    Romance in a crowd get grounds plowed
    You have deep lace that you wanna keep safe
    But bed sheets can erase that let me eat and taste
    Searched my vocals and founded my voice
    Stay in touch with localas made a renowned choice
    Got a drop top in the parking lot buck like a brown horse

    Jest hop in lets take a spin it may change to a Rolls Royce
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    I am still Alive
    With the help of homies
    in the game like you.
    Still livin' on the flow
    of natural essence
    understood with the now of life.
    Not fooled
    Just pulled
    Through the knowing of the
    Not forgetting where it started.
    Us speaking as the facts
    are left.
    While we replicate it out
    as we know you feel.
    Going together inevitably
    wanting to live.
    Homies in the game of live
    Are not far apart
    while the vibrations of life
    Makes us one now on the
    internet of us stuck
    in the loopings of words
    coming out. As our art
    told by baby phat fitting
    never tripping always
    traveling in old worked out shoes
    but always freshed out.
    Locale to go to where
    we all dun been before
    for the record.
    Lovin' the need of going back to come around again
    As we living here together.