Black People Politics : John McCain is not eligible to be President.

John McCain

Werent his parents American military people? I suspect that being the case, McCain would be considered an American even though born in Panama. His ineligibility to be president might be that he is not versed on a lot of the political agendas that a president needs to know. I watched him during an interview where it was clear the question was over his head and he wasnt expecting it. I guess that is why they have advisors.

Also, it would be interesting to note whether McCain is related to any of the Presidents of the United States, all of whom, every single one, has been related. If not, chances are McCain is only going through the motions so Obama, who is related to both Bush and Cheyney, can simple have someone to run against.

I plan to vote for Obama but we all know, Obama wont be president unless those controlling the country want him to win. That goes for whomever is elected.
He has the demented mental acuity and psychopathic racial personality that is prerequisite for all leaders of white folks.

Yet again, as has been stated above the powers that be make the decisions based on who they can use to do what they want done and they have been known to use some prettyy feckless, obtuse specimens.


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