Chief Elder Osiris : John Edward Say No Reparation For Chattel Slavery

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    Subject: Re: Edwards Says No Reparations for U.S. Slavery

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Here is the reality of our situation in regard to Reparation, It will be very unlikely, if not al all, to find a White politician, not just John Edward and even some Black politicians as well, who will voice support for Reparation, without proper intense coercion.

    If the question of Reparation is put to any of the other candidates for president, their position would be the same as John Edward.

    Such is why we should not get into the act of polling White Folks, regardless of status, what their position is on Reparation.

    When ever we are approaching them ( the guilty party for causing Chattel Slavery ) about Reparation, it should be to inform them of what we require from the act of Chattel Slavery, not what they think of what they did or what they think about us receiving Reparation, in order for us to become qualified to receive Justice, in the form of Reparation.

    Why are we so insistent on having white folks to decide our fate in regard to Reparation, as if what they think of us receiving Reparation is the deciding factor to our success or denial in this regard.

    Edward attitude is indicative to the behavior of most white folks when it come the Black Africans, the AfroDescendants in particular, it is a paternal slave master attitude, implying that they know what is best for us or what it is we should have or not have and the sad part about it is, we re-enforce such controlling behavior of our oppressors, by always seeking their opinion and approval of things about our life, only we should be deciding.for ourselves, in unity and in harmony with each other, on matters that have an affect on and in our lives.

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation