Black Spirituality Religion : JezeBEL--LEBanon [reverse script], BAAL & ASHTAROTH Worship

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    JezeBEL--LEBanon [reverse script], BAAL & ASHTAROTH Worship
    (800s BC)

    From Bel Worship to Baal Worship

    Jezebel, the white (Ashteroth) queen of Israel, killed Israelite priest and installed her own Baal priest in the land of Israel. For this the famous Israelite priest Elijah later retaliated. And because the worship of white women (Ashteroth) was an abomination in the land of Israel, the king of Israel, Ahab, who married Jezebel was later judged. The paradox of today and yesterday revolves around a dilemma in that most Black people reject the Bible based on this very premises, the elevation of white women, but all the while are completely outraged due to white supremacy. They want Black freedom but when given that freedom, they reject Black women, elevate white women (and men) and cannot understand why they almost immediately become reduced to being enslaved again and again. We as Black people have become angry at the Creator God for our own sins and rebellions yet, had it not been for the very mercy of our Creator, there would be no Black people on this earth today.

    About twenty years ago when I browsed through a Black Bookstore and opened up the Black Bible Heritage book, I saw a colorful drawing of Jezebel painted as a dark skinned African woman and, I closed that Bible and walked away disgusted. African-typed women have enough negative history in the distant past and we don’t need to carry the sins and rebuke of ancient white women. Just as the Bible states, Jezebel was from the land of LEBANON [Tyre & Zidon], the land of the Canaanites, and at this time in history in the 800s BC, the Canaanites had long since elevated white women (Ashteroth) in their lands. Even more so, the Bible specifically stated that Jezebel was the daughter of A BAAL KING, and that means that she was WHITE! Even though the Israelites had migrated into ‘the Middle East’ long before this time and also worshiped Baal and Ashtaroth from time-to-time, they were always overthrown and suppressed by the Canaanites and other civilizations living around them and had to be delivered. Therefore, the Israelites remained defined as being HAMITIC-TYPED even until they were finally and completely overthrown and driven out of the Middle East byway of the Assyrians and the later Roman Empire people. The Bible clearly reveals that the Creator God will not support any African-typed king or ruler directly bonded to a white woman because this is the very essence of the hatred that the Great Adversary has against the creation of Adam and Eve. As in the ancient Pre-Christian times, as he did with Solomon would he do the same with us today? As he did with Ahab would he not do with us today? As he did with the ancient Israelites would he not do with us today? The Creator God has and would no doubt continue to throw down Black governments in order to protect his own creation of the Black woman. The kingdom of the Living God does not revolve around a ledger. God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. And He has already won.

    According to the Bible, the Creator God blamed Solomon, who ruled in the 900s BC, for the later sins of Israel in their obsession over white women. Solomon elevated his white queens on the same level as his ethnic queens. And it was for this very reason that the government of Israel split into two (2) separate kingdoms (the North & the South). The Northern Kingdom became ‘the kingdom of Joseph’ (the Ten Tribes/the kingdom of Israel) and the Southern Kingdom became known as ‘Jewry’ (the Two Tribes; Judah & Benjamin). The capitol of Israel (the Ten Tribes) became known as SAMARIA and the capitol of Jewry was JERUSALEM. So almost fifty years later and after Solomon died and the kingdoms split due to civil strife, Ahab became the king of Israel and he married Jezebel, a Canaanite princess and the daughter of a Baal Priest. Because the Bible timeline continues onward from the line of the Jews, the reign of kings of Israel can be crossed-referenced with the Jews and it was king Jehoshaphat (859-834 BC) that lived during the time of king Ahab of Israel. And it was around this time too, that the priest of Jewry began to counsel their kings to breakaway from the Ten Tribes because they began to have relations with the Syrians, the Assyrians and the Phoenicians.

    Homer, the Blind Poet -- the 800s BC

    Although most modern day historians write about the Dark Age attributed to ‘the Middle Ages’ (after the Fall of Rome AD 400s), many times they forget that they also applied this same term at an earlier time in history as well. Hundreds of years earlier, the 800s BC became known as the end of a DARK AGE. From around the 1200s BC until the 800s BC [400 years], this time period has been defined as THE FIRST DARK AGE and according to Roman and Greek legends, it began around the time of the Trojan War. One of the archeological facts that surrounds this story reveals how modern day scholars manipulate history to suit their ultimate purpose. They offer many different historical variations as well as dates about this time period which promotes confusion. They also suppress the fact that there were several civilizations that ended in the Mediterranean regions of the world and it was a succession of events that began in the south and ended over a period of time with the destruction of Troy VII in the north being one of the last civilizations to fall. However, the story about Joshua, the Ephraimite warlord, a descendant of Joseph marks the beginning of this time period in the AD 1300s with the downfall of Jericho. Afterwards several enslaved people organized and fought off hundreds of years of suppression and like Jericho in the south and Troy in the north, the great walls constructed by the very slaves that later revolted became the very archeological marker for this time period. Some scholars say that Troy VII fell in the AD 1300s while others say it ended in the late AD 1200s and this would coincide with the very story of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho. And in retrospect, the AD 1200s became a Dark Age for some but not for all. It’s all about perspective and who happens to be the storyteller. This time period that Solomon reigned was also known as a time of peace. For many Black people who lived in Turkey, Greece, Africa (Saba; Southeast Africa) and elsewhere, it eventually became a Classical Age, a time when artistic developments and love stories became appreciated. But by the 800s BC, somebody welcomed in a wave a white people from the northeast and soon, Troy began to become inhabited by people who dreamed of a past time gone by. Soon, the blind poet Homer began to sing songs and tell tales about a time when white people dominated Black lands all around the Mediterranean world and the great war that ended it. . . . And history began to repeat itself.

    The 800s BC became a time when the old Silk Roads began to be traveled again, roads that led people from the orient, the far east, westwards back into ‘the Middle East’ into the land of Phoenicia (Lebanon) along the Mediterranean Sea (the Great Sea). It was in this same land that many eastern people once came and dominated Lebanon and Syria (southern Assyria) way back during the time when the aboriginal Canaanites (Kenaan) led them there and competed for trade power with the Chaldeans of Cush Ham in Babylon. It was around this time too that many northeasterners came back into Turkey, Greece, Italy and also down into North Africa (Carthage) where they were again welcomed by the North African Phoenicians and etc. Idols of White goddesses once again began to be erected in Tunisia (Carthage) and all over the Mediterranean lands and older (ethnic) names began to be replaced by new names at this time that specifically edified the presence of ASHTEROTH, white women. For example the ancient ‘ethnic’ Greek name ‘Bendida’ became known as ‘Dido’ (Didero) and became a white goddess and a replacement for the more ancient goddess of Tunisia (Tanis). In Phoenicia, the goddess Ellisa (Alissa) became common as well.

    Venetian (Black Phoenician) pirates of North Italy, the Etruscans in North-Central Italy, and the original Greek pirates sailed all over the Mediterranean Sea and made renewed contacts with Southern Italy, North Africa and the Phoenicians of Lebanon. A new Founders story would later become known in Central Italy about this time due to the presence of ‘the Latins’, an ethnic white people who migrated from the northwest into Italy and became a significant part of the formation of the Roman Empire. The original founders’ story of the twins ‘Remus & Romulus’ would become retold to incorporate the Etruscan king Tarquin and the later ‘Seven Hills of Rome’ story which also became added brought confusion to the past. At this time too in the 800s bc, in the ancient lands of Northwest Turkey (Greek lands), another suppressive system began to be organized in Troy and many displaced ‘Island Greeks’ fled the region and migrated back down into the Greek Isles. This would be the time of Homer [var. Gomer-Greeks, Apollo-Greeks]. Many original Greeks that fled from Northwest Turkey were also followed by the Apollo-Greeks [Gomers; Khety-Greeks] who would later organize the Olympic Slave system in the western countryside of the island known as Ellis Island where they honored the goddess Athena and their god Apollo-Zeus. And it was because of these kinds of people that the Assyrians were later able to retake dominance all over the Mediterranean world. The Cimmerians [Black Gomers] in the north bonded with the Assyrians and eventually overthrew the Phrygians [Ephrigians; Black Greeks] in Central Turkey as well. This would be the background of Jezebel.

    During that time, Assyria became the powerhouse for Lebanon (Phoenicia) as it was in the more distant past and, the Assyrians are technically Greeks [white Greeks]. Their origins are with Shem [Asshur-Shem; White Shur]. Because the Canaanites have no inheritance (land rights) they are always defined as being ‘Semitic’ by historians but this has never been made plain for us to understand. The name ‘Jezebel’ would be ‘a Semitic name’ that was common in the land of Assyria. So even though Jezebel was a Canaanite princess, she was also the daughter of a priest-king, and the priesthood was a position that gave Canaanites the right to assume a position of authority in the land of Ham and Shem. However, at that time the very ancient ‘Bell worship’ of Black people once again became defined in the land of Canaan as ‘Baal worship’ and this became the confusion of Black Babylon [Chaldea Babylon]. They failed to recognize the danger of the acceptance of ‘a dido’ [a demo or copy] of ancient Black idols made in the form of white idols. So as the daughter of ‘a Baal Priest’ [a white priest] from Lebanon, Jezebel and the Baal priest that she incorporated into the land of Israel caused the Israelites to become vulnerable to ancient Baal Worship practices that had been carried out in the extreme in the land of Canaan for hundreds of years prior. For this reason and almost a thousand years later, John-the-Baptist was beheaded and for this reason Jesus Christ would be Crucified on ‘a Hill of Skulls’ (Golgotha) in Jerusalem.

    King Ahab and the other kings of Israel had the freedom to make their own choices. But after the Assyrians finally overthrew the Israelites and scattered them today, we want to blame white people, the Creator God and etc. for White Supremacy and fail to deal with the truth. Jezebel exploited the Israelites and later her relative Athaliah elevated herself as the queen of the Jews, knowing that the Twelve Tribes of Israel were not permitted to have a woman rule in that position. Like Jezebel, Athaliah brought hardship upon the land. But it was only after it became evident that they made a mockery of the men were they brought down. Although the Bible makes it clear though, that white women are apart of the history of Israel and inter-racial bonds are accepted, it also makes it clear too that there is something significant about ‘the elevation of Ashteroth’ in positions of authority in Black lands that happens to be the core of White Supremacy. It is the degradation of Black humanity. Without Ruth there would be no King David but, as the third generation removed from his Great-grandmother Ruth, David was not as an Edomite. As an Hamitic-typed man, he did not disrespect the Hamitic-type women in their own lands. David did not sacrifice children and men of Black mothers for a white cause.

    And it came to pass, as if it had been a light thing for him to walk in the sins of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, that he took to wife Jezebel the daughter of Ethbaal king of the Zidonians, and went and served Baal, and worshipped him. [1kings 16:31]

    Was it not told my lord what I did when Jezebel slew the prophets of the LORD, how I hid an hundred men of the LORD's prophets by fifty in a cave, and fed them with bread and water? [1kings 18:13]

    Now therefore send, and gather to me all Israel unto mount Carmel, and the prophets of Baal four hundred and fifty, and the prophets of the groves four hundred, which eat at Jezebel's table. [1kings 18:19]

    4] For it was so, when Jezebel cut off the prophets of the LORD, that Obadiah took an hundred prophets, and hid them by fifty in a cave, and fed them with bread and water.) [1kings 18:4]