Quiet Poetry Lounge : Jewels ...U betta Notice ...So speaketh Sadie

Sister Blue and true thank u so somebody had to let 'em know !
so speaketh SADIEEEEE

women are beyond compare they endure things like no other
that are grasp in such beauty and even when they have little left
they still keep on in the battle and the fight and withstand storms
no man could ever do , these are Queen just like u two .

sadie say Hi gurls ......Da ole Lady tired of foolishness in da world
that's set forth on women who accept these things ...a change coming !
$$RICH$$ said:
Here i am once again
to talk to my fellow friends
I'm Sadie Mae
remember my name i don't play

Y'all round here disgracin my Gurls
thinking this ya solo world
well let me break out this curl
and toss ya behind a swril

See Women are true Jewels
the rare and raw in depth
there love will nolonger be sweap
by ya nassy uncut tongue
shut up ! listen sons

I bow to the Queen of the world
for the pain and labor they endure
for the pampering of cure
things men could never bare
no need to look wit such stare

All women are deep in beauty
beyond ya eyes for her booty
she pose a heart of love
a mind of window thoughts
a soul to caress ya tail in
a spirit so warm and devine
and the bodies to bring forth life

These women are treasures
how can u disrespect / sho no honor
she the Black rose that grows from deep under
she understand and bring forth plans
she gives u a chance in her gem that secret place

U better learn and very fast
while u lookin through da hourglass
her heart has a vault
once locked no more talk
not a one is a B 2 da H
because these same ones is how u was placed
u came from the womb
when she open to another man her cocoon

See baby SADIE don't talk smack!
but y'all minds twisted and whack!
talking this and all of that
but didn't u know QUEEN all u got

They are creation from above
warm caring tenderly gentle wit love
they all pose goodness at will
and bring u boys something to feel
yeah ! let's keep it real
They are ROYAL
better then Diamond / silver & gold
that are man's greatest of mold
treated wrong the can be bold
lock da vault and become so cold
so u better think or be fold

I don't care about those things
a car, house and candy u bring
u gotta have honor, loyal, devotional love
unconditional respect
Or i'll kick ya ((blank)) that is that !
she need comfort , compassion
she need held like it's everlasting
she gotta have ya time and space
tiny things that can never be replace

Queenz pose an essence of depth
they are mentally strong
still love u when u wrong
they are no toy , but surely a bundle of joy
see men can't live without them
men wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them
to get a name likes Paul , Tim or Jim
these women are Jewels

So stop frontin them like bad seeds
and realize there greatest of deeds
see SADIE getting Mad now baby
but i promise to stay smooth like a lady

Tyme to stop the foolishness
and give praise to thy Queenz
love them as if it's a dream
care and respect or feel my steam
there's no Lady that's bad
no matter what they had
whatever it is they do wrong
remember they still belong

I don't give a rats ((blank))
if they sold there stuff
didn't u notice y'all made it ruff
i understand she all of that
treat her right and she'll see the light
come back home and be ya hearts delight
yeah! true she made a mistake
but real good love is never to late

There's so much to a woman side
i seen them hide run and just cried
i felt there inner pain
saw the scares men truely brang
heard how they was tamed
keep in slavery by there on so called kang
walked on da floor where they stain
and how they are continue displayed in shame
now i'm back nuckle head to bring da flame !!!:flame:
before u cross another Queen
think of me remember my Name

I bow to da African beauty Queenz

so speaketh SADIEEEEEEEEE !!!:em1500: :mad: :SuN009: :maddd: :peace:

O'k end of da lession gotta run :run:

Floweth from thy inkwell and speaketh on a queen, defending her honor!

Loved this!

Desert Storm


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