Black Poetry : Jesus Rap

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
who do you think you are

we had it made in our sin

until the day you came in

you came to us as a little baby in the manger

leading others out of danger

rap through the rhyme for the rhyme with the reason

we see you in the changing of the season

Godly man I am

happiness is my pursuit

so cross this godly man

i'll have blades at both shoulders

im knighting you.

like a great lord i sit on a throne

they crossed the godly man

they were all in the wrong

they did anything just to please us

then just explained to you about the death of


got to take even higher as you follow him

no reason to pretend he is your best friend man

we see him in the city getting pretty busy

watching going fishing seeing what he's catching

go and tell all your friends Jesus is for us come join the chorus

so arm me with harmony and come join the Gospel army

Jesus was a cool dude forty days without food,
devil tried to tempt him but that's okay,
He's got love on his face,
no disgrace,
He's spreading his love all over the face,
saying, "We will, We will do right"
saying, "We will, We will do right"

Satan got a little frustrated, couldn't believe he couldn't take him down,
With his lies of promises and prosperity,
Jesus said, " Satan get behind me, devil you're beneath me!"
Because of Jesus we can stand proud and say,
"we will, we will do right!" (like Jesus in the Bible days)
"we will, we will do right!"

Satan took him to a mountain high, said Jesus you can fly,
You are the king, surely the angels would not let you die,
Jesus said, "Tempt me no mo', Satan you've got to go!"
We're following Jesus Christ our Savior,
and now we flow,
"we will, we will do right (like Jesus in the Bible days)
"we will, we will do right, do right!"


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