Omowale Jabali : Jesus and the Story of Horus

Nasheed said:
My Bro.
I really enjoyed the video on this topic. It was informative and eye opening. As I have searched for knowledge and the truth I have discovered alot of what the video had to say except for somethings. I appreciate you putting out such beautiful information.
I only have one complaint and that is: When giving knowledge try not to be aggressive in your distrubution of it. Remeber at one time you were in the dark yourself. I am a muslim and found it a little disrecptful with some of your refrences to my beliefs. Not all but some are conscious people and do realize that the writtings in the books are just a stepping stone the truth. I believe that all the stories from the various books were written based on the time and condition of the people.
One last thing, it appears that you are deep into history so I have question. Do you agree that the bases of religion as we know it today originated in Egypt or elsewhere?


I think you're meshing the 2 posters before yours together. Bro. Omowalejabali just posted a video and asked a ? to Zacharias. Zacharias I think is the one you feel smitten by. Just my observation. If I'm in error my apologies.

The video in the OP no longer exists so here is a replacement.

Here is the catch! There are schools of Christianity that hold no desperate clutch to dogma or escatology, but magnify the moral and ethical tenets of the four gospels, even at the exclusion of the dogma of the later books of the new testament. therefore as some have come to the conclusion that the Ten Commandments came from , directly from the 42 negative confessions of the Pert Em Heru, exactly what Kemetic source claims that Heru, or the sayings of Heru, recorded texts or sayings the same or similar to the moral and ethical, or even esoteric tenets of the Gospels?


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