Omowale Jabali : Jesus and the Story of Horus

Jesus As Tammuz And Horus In History ( 5 )

Who Was Horus ?

Har , Haru , Heru , Or Horus -- The Sun Deity Who Is Equivalent To Tammuz , The Son Of Dammuzi And Ishtar . He Was The Son Of Usir ( Osiris ) And Aset ( Isis ) . The Principal Forms Of Har ( Horus ) , The Sun Deity , Which Probabaly Represents The Sun At Various

Period Of The Early Daylight And Shadow Hours Are ; Heru - Ur '' Horus The Great '' . Heru - Merti '' Horus The Two Eyes '' I.E. Of The Sun And The Moon ; Heru - Nub '' The Golden Horus '' Heru - Khent - Khat ; Heru - Khent - An - Maa '' Horus '' Dwelling In Blindness

'' , Heru - Khuti '' Horus Of The Two Horizons '' , Which On Earth Was The Sphinx ; Heru - Sam - Taui '' Horus The Uniter Of The North And The South ; Heruhekenu '' Horus Of Heken '' And Heru - Behutet '' Horus Of Behutet '' . Horus Appears In Tama - Rean ( Egyptian ) Texts Usually As Heru - P - Khart Or '' Horus The Field '' .

Who Afterwards Became The '' Avenger '' Of His Father Osiris , And Occupied His Throne , As We Are Told In Many Places In The Book Of The Dead In Christianity , Which Was Taken From Hinduism , You Get God . Father , Yahweh , His Son Jesus , Yashua , And His Mother

Mary , Maryam . The Eye Of Horus Which Is '' The Right Eye '' Is Symbolic Of The Sun . The Father Osiris ( Usir ) Is '' The Left Eye '' , Represents The Moon'' , Making Jesus Heru ( Horus ) '' The Right Eye '' Symbolic Of The Rising Sun , The Early Morning Star Which Is

Symbolic Of The Sun On The Cross . Horus Was Represented As A Falcon Or A Falcon Headed Man . His Two Eyes Symbolized The Two Heavenly Bodies , The Sun The Moon , With The Right Eye Being The Sun And The Left Eye Being The Moon .

( 1 ) . The Early Morning Star Is The First Point Of The Sun And Is When The Sun Rises And Representing Jesus Rising ( '' As The Lightning Commeth Out Of The East And Shineth Unto The West So Shall The Sun Of Man Be '' ( Matthews 24 ; 27 ) This Is Another Erroneous Statement Because The Sun Does Not Rise Haru ( Horus ) Is Also Referred To As '' Horus Rising '' Which Is Where You Get Horizon ( Horus Rising ) .

( 2 ) . When The Sun Is Crossing Over The Sky And It Is At Its Horizon , It Reflection Walks Upon The Waters This Is Symbolic Of Jesus Walking On The Water .

( 3 ) . As The Sun Crosses Over The Waters And Appears To Set This Is Symbolic Of The Sunset Or Son - Set Jesus The Son Was Crucified On The Cross , Died Went Into The Darkness , The Pit Of The Earth . And Ressurrect . This Is Also Symbolic Of Sutukh ( Set ) Going Into The Netherworld .

The Three Point Of The Sun Also Represent The Three Suns 1 . Atum 2 . Atun And 3 . Amun . The Three Tools Of The Lucerferians Begins At The Setting Of The Sun . The Point Of Amun Is The Last Point And The Last Ray From Atun The Beginning Is As The Sun , Is At The Horizon To The Left Of The Pendulum Principle And Begins To Appear To Set .

Thus , The Neter Sutukh ( Set ) From Sunset And The Light Goes Into The Netherworld And Travels Through Three Degrees Of Darkness And Arises In The Morning . Atum Is The Beginning Of Life . Now The Pendulum Principle Swings From Point Atum To Point Amun , Controlled By The Re Of Atum , Which Is Depicted As A Disk With Extending Rays Of Light As Hands .

This Hand Symbol Of The Aramic / Hebrew '' Yod '' Was Adapted By The Monotheist And Became The Had Of Theos Or Allah Or Yehweh . The Principle Of The Pantheism Religion Which Is In Relation To Christianity And The Egyptian Mysteries , Is The Ark Of The Heavens , And The Dome Of The Universe ( The Movement Of The Sun ) .

In Other Word It Had To Do With The Mythological Teachings That When The Sun Moves From What Ever Part Of The Planet That You Are On Verticlly ( Standing ) . Then You Can Always Watch The Sun Pan From East To West . The Concept Surrounding The '' Birth Of
Jesus '' Is Even An Egyptian Concept , The Birthplace Of The Egyptian Messiah At The

Vernal Equinox Was Figured In '' APT '' , Or '' Apta '' , Which Means '' The Corner '' Or '' Apt '' Which Is Also Said To Be The Name Of The Great Mother ; Or And Apta Is Also The Name Of The '' Crib '' And '' Manger '' Or '' Womb '' , Where The Child Was Said To Be Born In A Manger ; And This '' Apta '' As '' Crib '' Or '' Manger '' Is The Hieroglyphic Sign Of The Solar

Birthplace . Thus The Egyptians Exhibited The Baby In The '' Crib '' Or Manger '' In The Street Of Alexandria . The Birthplace Was Indicated By The Great Circle In The Celestial Sphere The Equinox , As It Passed From Sign To Sign . It Was Also Pointed Out By The Star In The East . When The Birthplace Was In The Sign Of The Bull , Orion Was The Star That Rose In
Jesus As Tammuz And Horus In History ( 6 )

The East To Tell Where The Young Sun - God Was Re - Born . Hence It Is Called The '' Star Of Horus '' , That Was Then The Star Of The '' Three Kings '' Who Greeted The Baby ; For The '' Three Kings '' Is Still A Name Of The Three Stars In Orion's Belt . Here We Learn That The Legend Of The '' Three Kings '' Is At Least 6 , 000 Years Old .

Haru ( Horus ) Was Also Considered To Be A Son God . In Ancient Tama - Re ( Egypt ) , You Get Osiris And His Son Horus And His Mother Isis Horus Is A Name That Is Found In The Greek For The Word '' Son '' Huios . You Are Not Suppose To See This In The Greek
While Reading A King James English Translation But It Is There , Do Your Research And

You'll Find It , If You LQQk In The Book Of Matthew 4 ; 3 Where You Find The Statement '' The Son Of God '' Referring To Jesus , You Will See Huios Theos < greek > Or Hores Which In Turn Is Derived From The Tama - Rean Hor , Which Is The Same As The Origin Of This Name Meaning '' High '' Or '' Far Away '' Or Har , As Found In Aramic ( Hebrew ) ''

Mountain '' Or Haar < arabic > As Found In The Bible Number 20 ; 22 As Mount Hor In Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) Meaning '' Hot Or Burning '' You Also Get From This Name Horus , Horus - Scope ( Horoscrope ) Or Horus Who Scopes The Stars Of The Heaven And The Word Horizon , Which Is Horus - Rising From The Darkest Of Dead And A Host Of

Others Such As ; Hurricane , Hour ; Horologe , Horology , Hurry , Horror , Etc . Keep In Mind That All Of These Concepts Of These Different Names Of God Came Out Of Tama - Re
( Egypt ) . They Took The Names Of The Tama - Rean ( Egyptian ) Deities And Pulled Them Into The Religions , Change The Name Around To Suit Their Language And Their Customs ,

However , They All Originated In Ancient Egypt , Which Is Also Called Khemi Or Tame - Re And When You Break It Down You Get Ta - Earth , Ma - Water , And Re - Sun Meaning '' Land And Water And The Sun '' , Haru Was Known As '' The Rising Sun '' And The Sun Appears To Come Up Over The Horizon . Listen To The Phonetics Hor - Ri - Zon .

When The '' Sun '' Haru Goes Down Or Appears To Set , The Uncle Of Haru Named Set Rules , As The '' Prince Of Farkness '' Until . The Sun Appears On The Horizon Of Appears To Rise Again . Thus When The Sun Goes Down , It Is Phrased As Set , Or Sunset . Because Set Was In Opposition With Horus When You Combine Them All ,

You See The Picture , Or Like One Great Man Said , Symbols Are Like Letters In The Alphabet If You Put Them Together Properly You Get A Message . The Message Here Reads '' A Burning Bush High Up In The Mountains '' . In The Koran 81 ; 18 And I Quote ; '' And The Dawn As It Breathes Away The Darkness , '' It Is Referring To This Same Concept

Of Horus Being The '' Dawn '' Or Sun And Set Being The '' Darkness '' Or '' Sunset '' . Dawn Is Simply The Raising Of The Sun . The First Prayer Of The Day For The Muslim Is Fajr < arabic > Which Means '' Daybreak , Dawn , '' They Even Have A Chapter In The Koran Named After The Dawn Called Suwrat 'L Fajr The 89th Chapter . So They Are

Really Worshipping The Sun And Don't Even Know It . If You Are Waiting Around For The Sun To Come Up To Pray Then You Are Praying To The Sun . However , They Think They Are Worshipping Allah . Now Take A LQQk At Koran 81 ; 23 Where It Read ; '' AND WITHOUT DOUBT HE SAW HIM IN THE CLEAR HORIZON '' .

This Quote Is Referring To Muhammad's Vision As He Saw The Neter Gabriy'el Coming Over The Horizon As A Spirit , Or Craft . This Also Coincides With Horus Coming Over The Horizon As The Sun . Christians , Muslims And Jews Are Living A Symbolic Way Of Life And Don't Even Realize It . This Is Right In Their Korans , Bibles And Their Torahs .

They Are Totally Ignornt And So Blind To The Fact That Their Koran Is Full Of Tama - Rean ( Egyptian And Hindu Concepts Which Was Copied Right Out Of The Old And New Testament Which In Turn Was Copied From The Ancient Tablets . The Muslims Also Tend To Have Names Of Suwrah But The Suwrah Does Not Mean Anything It Is Saying .

They Just Placed Named There For The Heck Of It Because They Were Running Out Of Names . For Example . The Ashuric / Syraic Arabic Word For Sun Is Shamsun < Arabic > They Even Have A Chapter In The Koran Which Was Revealed In Mecca In The Year 612 A.D. It Was Originally The 26th Chapter Now It Is The 91st .

The Word Mushmish < arabic > They Use When Referring To A Bright Day . Not That The First Verse Of This Chapter Reads '' Wa Shamsi Wa Dhuhaahaa '' < Arabic > And Translates By The Sun And His Glorious Splendor . It Consists Of 15 Verse And The Sun Is Only Mentioned In The Very Firs Verse And How Splendid It Is .

Again The Sun Is A Star And Throughout The Islamic Faith They Use In The Architectural 5 Pointed Stars , 6 Pointed Stars , 7 Pointed Stars In Their Mosque World Wide Were Symbolic Of Sun Worship . Let's Get Back To The Point . If You LQQk In Your Bible , Jesus Is Often Referred To As The Son Of God , ( Matthew 4 ; 3 ) .

The Word For Son In Greek Is Huios < greek > Or Hores , Which In Turn Is Derived From The Tama - Rean Hor , Which Is The Same As The Origin Of This Name Meaning '' High '' Or '' Far Away '' Or Haru , Which Is The Original Name Of Egypt . You Also Get From This Name Horus , Horus - Scope ( Horoscope ) Or Horus Who Scopes The Stars Of The

Heaven And The Word Horizon , Which Is Horus - Rising From The Darkest Or Dead . And A Host Of Others Such As ; Hurricane , Hour ; Horolge , Horology , Hurry , Horror , Whore Etc . Horus Can Also Be Found In Aramic ( Hebrew ) As Har < aramic > Meaning '' Mountain '' Or Haar < arabic > In Ashric / Syniac ( Arabic ) Meaning '' Hot Or Burning ''

You Won't See This If You Read Your King James Versin Of The Bible , But If You Take The Time To Research , In The Original Language Of The Scriptures You Will Find Out The Facts . If You Put All Of This Together You Get '' A Burning Bush High Up In The Mountains '' , When Referring To His Right Eye , It Is Know As The Udjat Which Means It

Was Horus ' Right Eye That Was Lost In A Terrible Battle Between Him And His Uncle Sutukh ( Set ) . Thus , Sutukh ( Set ) And Har ( Horus ) Had A Fight Over The Death Of Usir ( Osiris ) On The Throne So He Killed Usir ( Osiris ) . ( Read The People Of The Sun , Scroll # 147 , And The Holy Tablets ) , However , The Phrase '' The Eyes Of Horus

' Usually Refers To The Sun And Is Also The Eye Of Usir ( Osiris ) His Father . The Sun Is Referred To As Re . Sometimes Mispronounced As Ra Or Ray And Is Referring To The Sun's Rays . Some Say That The Eye Of Haru ( Horus ) , When Used As An Amulet , Places The Wearer Under The Protection Of God . And When Incorporated Into A Logo It

Has Been Used To Represent The Omnipotent Objectives Of That Particular Company . The Columbia Broadcasting System ( CBS ) Has Used A Modified Version Of The Eye Of Haru ( Horus ) On Their Television Stations For Years . As Recently As 1991 , An Eye Was Used In An Equilateral Triangle As A Backdrop During Their Station Identification Break .

The Home Box Office ( HBO ) Followed CBS's Lead And Incorporated An '' Eye '' Into Its Logo . The Eye In The Capstone Or Keystone Is Symbolic Of Ra Or Roi < Aramic > The Seer '' Or '' The All Seeing Eye '' . The Eye Is Called Ra Meaning '' The Seer '' , The Ancient Tama - Reans Called Their Sun Deity '' Amon Ra '' .

The Name Amon Ra , Is Just A Combination Of The Two Deities Amon And Ra Because As The Power Of Amon Spread , His Followers Proclaimed Him To Be A More Powerful Manifestation Of The Deity Ra , Thus , They Combined The Two Deities And Referred To Him As Amon Ra . Ra Is From The Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) Word Ra'a < arabic > Meaning '' To See , LQQK At ''

Not To Be Mistaken With The Rah < aramic > Which Means '' Disagreeable '' That Is Why You Will Find So Many Eyes In The Government . You Ask What Do I Mean By That ? Well Its Quite Simple When You Analyze It . First You Have The FBI Or The Federal Bureau Of Investigation , The FBI = F Is The 6th Letter Of The English Alphabet ,

The B = 13 Because When You Put The Number 1 And The Number 3 Together You Get The Letter '' B '' , , And The I Is The Eye , '' The All Seeing Eye '' , This Is Why All Of These Organizations Are Called The C.I.A. The I . R . S . ( Internal Revenue Service ) , Or The I . V . H . S . ( Intelligence Vehicle Highway Surveillance ) Just To Name A Few . AND NOW THAT THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS IN EFFECT , THEY WILL BE WATCHING YOU . THEY ARE THE EYES OF THE BEAST !!! The Sun Around The Keystone Symbolizes The Sun's Horizon . The Rising Sun Is Symbolic Of Jesus . Jesus Was The Son ( Sun ) Who Died ( Sutukh ) On The Cross By Crucifixion And Will Resurrect ( Rise ) According To The Christians .

When The Son That Came Down Apparently Sets Or Dies Into The Darkness And Raises Or Resurrescts Back To Life , It Is The Story Of The Christians God Jesus . The Sun That's From Beyond The Horizon And Make Note That This Word Is Hori - Zone Or Hawaariyuwn < arabic > Meaning '' Those Who Are Dressed In White Robes '' , The 12 Disciples Of Jesus .

Now LQQk At This Similarity Between The Sun And The Son , Jesus . They Very Light Of The Sun Moves Across The Water To The Shore . Jesus Apparently Walked That Water ( Matthew 14 ; 25 ) . Not In Matthew 14 ; 23 , This Is An Evening Sun . When The Sun

Comes Up Behind The Water , It Proceeds To Walk Across The Water , And This Is Symbolic Of God Walking Across The Water . Christians Always Dress Jesus In Red And Blue . The Red Is The Sun . And Blue Is The Water . And As The Appearance Of The

Setting Of The Sun , God Walks Away . The Sun Goes Away And Comes Back . And The Halo On Jesus Head , As Depicted By The Christians , Symbolizes The Rings Of Anshar , Saturn , As Bright As The Sun Or The Sol Of The Solar System . When The Sun Of God Died With The Crown Of The Thorns On His Head , The Crown Of Thorns On His Head Is Symbolic Of The Sun's Rays .

The Degree Of Christ - Ism
Inscribed By ;
Amunnubi Rooakhptah
Also Know As
NETR; A' aferti Atum - Re
"Which originated from the Ancient Sumerians"

I won't argue just wanted to highlight that point. I came across some information today that would support this statement. Not sure if I agree though because it detaches "Sumeria" from Afrika.

Some say Mount Meru was aound the area of Nippur. Ethiopians believe it was the Island of Meroe. Horus and Hathor actually predate the Tammuz.
From the Duranki lineage.

It Depend On What School Of Thought One Wish To Follow , Because You Have Some Nubians Version Also You Have Pa Tama Hu Version , Of The Ancient Sumerians Teaching Not Counting The Diffrent Version On The Website / Links , The Same Goes For The Egiptian Teaching / Language Also . Overstand SomeThing If You Can Ok I Have No Agenda Meaning I'm Only Shareing What I Have Learn / Study / Research Those Who Will Accept It Will Those Who Wont / Wont . I Am Not Going To Lie And Say Our Ancestors To Me To Tell You This Or That . Just To Make Myself Seen Heavy .
My Bro.
I really enjoyed the video on this topic. It was informative and eye opening. As I have searched for knowledge and the truth I have discovered alot of what the video had to say except for somethings. I appreciate you putting out such beautiful information.
I only have one complaint and that is: When giving knowledge try not to be aggressive in your distrubution of it. Remeber at one time you were in the dark yourself. I am a muslim and found it a little disrecptful with some of your refrences to my beliefs. Not all but some are conscious people and do realize that the writtings in the books are just a stepping stone the truth. I believe that all the stories from the various books were written based on the time and condition of the people.
One last thing, it appears that you are deep into history so I have question. Do you agree that the bases of religion as we know it today originated in Egypt or elsewhere?


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