Brother AACOOLDRE : Jesus a Composite of Osiris & Horus

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    The different names or attributes Of Horus, the risen or in Spirit

    Edited By A. Austin inside the brackets are my own commentary.

    This information was taken from Dr. Ben in his Blackman of the Nile p. 125-126 which in turn he received from Dr. Albert Churchward’s book Signs & Symbols of Primordial Man p.421-423.

    This is an abbreviated version

    1. Horus-the first man of God

    2. Horus-I.U. or I.A. U=Jesus [Yahweh is ID with Ieuo]

    3. Horus-the light of the world

    4. Horus God of the 4 quarters, N, E. S. W.

    5. Horus-God of the Pole star

    6. Horus-child of Isis [Isis aka Mary]

    7. Horus-the great chief of the Hammer or Axe [I guess Jesus brings in a sword]

    8. Horus-lord of Dawn and Evening Twilight

    9. Horus-in the tank of flame (baptizer with fire)

    10. Horus-the divine healer

    11. Horus-made a man at 30 years in his baptism

    12. Horus-the Exerciser [Jesus is better than Solomon who uses a magic ring on the Nose]

    13. Horus-who gives the Water of life

    14. Horus-The Just and True

    15. Horus-the bridegroom with the bride in Sothis [Sothis also symbolizes pregnancy]

    16. Horus as a young ear of Corn [Jesus related resurrection to the corn on top of Osiris coffin to symbolize resurrection].

    17. Horus-the prince of peace

    18. Horus one of five brethren

    19. Horus as the type of Eternal Life

    20. Horus-who came to fulfil the Law

    21. Horus-walking on water

    22. [Horus who in The Contending’s of Horus and Set (Satan) is sodomizes by Satan in his sleep. His mother Isis helps Horus, as a child, with trickery and deceit to defeat him and reverse it on Set by putting the semen in a bowl mixed with food for Satan to eat. See Gary Greenberg book 101 myth of the Bible p.113-114 and p.153]. There is an alleged story of Jesus with a young boy in a Garden (tossed salad), the Gospel of Mark 14:43-66. St. Paul says he received the same marks as Jesus (Galatians 6:17) and we know Paul was castrated and Sodomized. The Book of Revelations 11:7-8 to relate Jesus crucifixion to Egypt (Horus) Sodom (Titus)=the underworld of the shades of the dead where the sun never shines. Rev was doing the exposure of those fruitless deeds as called for in Ephesians 5:8-15. So we have the Emperor Christ-Domitian exposing the fruity or Fruitless,(no offspring of same-sex), Deeds of Christ-Titus as bi-sexual who loved little boys as eunuchs. Some scholars say Domitian had Titus poisoned which fits partially well with this theme. The Gnostic Christians, one of Basilides sons were claiming Jesus with sodomy. Basilides personally knew Titus.

    Horus has two mothers: Isis the Virgin, who conceived him with the wind flapping of a Bird Holy spirit, Nephthysis, Isis sister nursed him.

    Jesus has two mothers, Mary the Virgin and Mary wife of Cleophas

    Horus earthly father is Seb

    Jesus earthly father is Joseph.

    Horus and Jesus both have the same transitions at age 12 & 30