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Jan 3, 2002
By Chief Elder Osiris

What you have witness about the Spirit of White folks Media and the Afrikan American Opportunistict Spirit, is the way the Media chose to cause a deepening of the Divisiveness between the so call black Afrikan American and the viciousness of the oportunistist Afrikan American Elite, they that display the nature of Flies thar are attracted to dodo, the eqivilent to the Afrikan American attraction to Obama, loving the filth and stench of the Lies and his action of Deceit, which he represent to the Black world, attracting the Afrikans Americans Flies and confusing the innocence of the disadvantaged so call Black Afrikan In America.

Jesse Jackson Whisper of the Truth concerning Obama spirit, which now being displayed by him toward Black People in America and Black People in general, is what has revealed the Racial viciousness of the White Media which do not give no respect to Black people and the so call Afrikan American Elite that is more opportunistist than Loyal to the so call Black Afrikan American Class of black Elitism, in the Back Society in america.

First allow me to remind you that I have no quality respect for Jesse Jackson but I do have Respect for those Black people that can show Trust and Loyality to those Black elites that they pretended to have toward the so call Black Elites that the White Media elevate to be the leadership of Black People in America, without Black people having a say about the matter.

In this one instance of Jesse Jackson Whisper of the Truth about Obama, I can say I totally agree with Jesse, and in the Black Struggle, I am not an admirer of Jesse Jackson and our ideaology of difference gose back into the 70's during the height of the Civil Rights Rebellion and now I am privy to see the fall, the decline, the crucifixon of Jesse Jackson, by the very Racist Media that elevated him to become the Black Leader of the Afrikan American, and to see the turn coat hypocrisy of the opportunistict Negro Afrikan American Elites, turn viciously against Jesse Jackson because he Whisper Honey and not dodo concerning Obama, Honey representing the Truth and dodo representing Lies and Deception to be made to appear as Honey.

Can you Understand That, Beloved ?

Now, Obama has arrived, speaking things about Black People and Race, in America that represent nothing but dodo and the Afrikan American Elites now leave Jesse and flock as Flies to Obama, because obama information is more akin to dodo than Jesse Jackson Info has now become, so the Opportunistic Afrikan American Elites abandon Jesse for Obama, showing no loyalty, no Trust, and no Respect for Jesse, which the Elites never had for each other and especially the white Media elevated Afrikan American Leaders, whom the Elites flocks around the Afrikan American whom the White Media Elevate to become Black Leadership and the Black Elites Flock to, based on the Selfish opportunity that can be gotten from such an association, never out of Respect, Trust and Loyalty, as so have been verified by the Spirit that the Afrikan American Elites not express toward Jesse, as Jesse is pressured to offer an apology for Whispering the Truth about the new Afrikan American Leadership on the block of the Afrikan American Human Being Mind, which now cause the Afrikan American Elites to swarm around the Lies and acts 0f Deception that Obama now Represent to Black People, to the Elites and to the down trodden, with the down trodden Black Afrikan In America following the Trend set by the opportunistic Afrikan American Elites concerning Obama.

In a fight for Liberation, the Revolutionist when aged, never fade away, the Revolutionist become elevated as an icon of Honor, pointing the way for the on coming young Revolutionaries, never losing Trust, Respect and Loyalty from the up and coming Warriors of the Revolution, there is no Revolution Baton of Lies and Deception to be passed along, as is in an appeasing Civil Rights action of Protest, with the Revoutionary, it be just knowledge and Wisdom to carry on the Rebellion for Liberation that the Elders pass on, which has yet to occur in America, by the Children Of The Middle Passage, offspring's of our Enslaved Ancestors.

To the Negro Afrikan American Elites, Jesse has lost its flavor, so the Flies, the Afrikan American Elites, now leave Jesse and now swarm around a New Flavor of Obama Lies and Deception as given off by Obama, he who did not walk in the shadow of the fiery flames of the Civil Rights War of Protest as Jesse Jackson did, and now I find myself in defense of my old Nemesis, the Revolutionist act respect for a Warrior, even though we were on different sides of the Civil Rights War of Protest, Jesse being a Warrior for Racial Integration / Assimilation and Osiris being a Warrior for Black Separatism, for Black Nationalist Liberation away from America and Back to Afrika.

The Lowest of Scum among the Children Of The Middle passage are those Afrikan Americans who live for nothing but to be opportunistic, never a thought of Trust, Loyalty, and Respect for the white elevated Afrikan American Leadership, all serve as a devestation of an example to the disadvantaged of the Children of the Middle Passage, an act just as or is more Harmful than White Folks Racism and Unjustified Prejudice and Discrimination is to the down trodden of the Children of the Middle Passage, they the Afrikan American Elites that serve as such a demeaning example to the Afrikan In America, here by way of the Middle Passage and is deserving to be looked upon and treated as Traitors to the Black Race, which Obama does not Qualify, he never started out as a warrior in the protest of the 60 and 70, he has started out as a Liar and Deceiver to the Children Of The Middle Passage, revealing his intent for the so call Black Afrikan American, never to mislead you in his selfish intent, boldly revealing what his selfish intent is, for Black People in America, which is to have you to go Blind about the Racism in America and Whom you so call Afrikan Americans are as a Race in America and declare your undying Love for America, causing you to become an Afrikan American Patriot.

Now you have the Afrikan American Elites and the White News Media referring to Jesse Jackson as being obsolete and is being accused of being Jealous of Obama, even Jesse Son taking a stand against his Father, but then that is how the Baton of Lies and Deceit is passed on, not so among the Black Revolutionaries of Black Nationalism, with the goal and objective being Afrika to be for the Afrikan, as the Black Nationalist Spiritual Leaders have so proclaimed without compromise.

Can you Understand that, Beloved

You are witnessing how the opportunist Afrikan American Elites discard of their Leadership, the sign of Weaklings amongst Black so call Afrikan people in America, here by way of the Middle Passage, so as an adversary in the Struggle for Black People to Jesse Jackson, I salute You Jesse for Whispering The Truth About Obama.

Can You Understand That, Beloved ?


Chief Elder


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