Black Money Business Jobs : Jesse Jackson asks Twitter for racial breakdown of layoffs

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    SAN FRANCISCO — Rev. Jesse Jackson says he has "grave concerns" that the recent layoffs at Twitter disproportionately affected African-Americans and Hispanics, and he has asked CEO Jack Dorsey to publicly release "a specific accounting."

    In a letter to Dorsey, Jackson said the San Francisco social media company should publicly disclose the number and percentage of underrepresented minorities who lost their jobs at Twitter in the downsizing last month.

    "Twitter already has an appallingly low number and percentage of African Americans and Latinos working at the company, around 60 total in the workforce and zero in your boardroom and c-suite leadership," Jackson wrote to Dorsey. "We are concerned that a disproportionate number and percentage of Blacks and Latinos were adversely affected in your recent layoffs."

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    Jesse Jackson asks Twitter for racial breakdown of layoffs

    Twitter denies the layoffs had a disproportionate affect on African Americans and Hispanics.