Black Poetry : Jealous Muth******

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    Sep 16, 2007
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    I’m a jealous muth****** over you.
    I’ll slash tires, bust windows, and blow **** up for you.
    Do a drunken stagger and pop a bean just to **** and roll with you.
    Be an ignorant ***** when the ******* (emphasis on the *******) try to ***** with you.

    I’m a nasty muth****** with you.
    I’ll suck your **** and dabble in some *******, if you wanted me too.
    Break down and open up, just to feel every inch of you.
    This sweet/salty taste that you left in my mouth came from you

    And Yes, I’m the crazy ***** with you.
    This disorderly persona will have me wildin the **** out over you
    Cut fleshly chunks to show the raw emotions I have for you
    If I bleed to death, it was well worth it, because it was all for you

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  2. MRS. LADY


    Dec 3, 2007
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    to seek truth
    everywhere and nowhere
    feeling you!

    i'm not a jealous chick
    don't envy what isn't even real
    and yeah, i'm ready to go to war
    need some redemption up in here

    just wanna be a lady
    don't wanna be a man
    just wanna spread some love
    for love is what I demand

    I love a man a king fo sho
    but he rollin with the fake
    can't compete with lustly things
    wonder why my place she takes

    but love would never hurt what's loved
    so in love I let him go
    I wish he'd find his way back home
    so the seeds of love can grow

    can't loose sight of me
    in my love for him
    cause if i whip her *** like i want to
    I'll have to begin again

    I wanna wild out
    I wanna split her wig
    but for once, I show self control
    and walk away is what I did.