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Mar 19, 2001
Baltimore, Md.
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I like to listen to the hush
When I feel the heat of day
Warm my face as I stare
Out the wall of windows;

I close my eyes to the silence
Awaiting for the music in my
Mind to become a reality in my
Soul as I rest my head on the glass;

I hear the slow strum of the bass
A quiet harmonic rhapsody telling
The story of life in the lines of
a peace filled style of smooth;

I see the trumpet leaning against
The bar fingering the keys looking
For the note to mesh with the flow
Of the soothing mellow bass line;

He never lifts his head keeping a
Hint of secrecy under his pulled
Over brim as he whet his lips to
Begin to dance with the bass line;

He slides the funnel in the end as
He begins to play the notes of life
Melodies of love and pain through
His instrument of emotions;

His pace is meticulous and yet he
Never hesitated to think about the
Next line for his allows his heart
To be the conductor of this melody;

I am consumed by an embrace of
the bass with the melody as they
flow together as one in my soul
guiding me to a musical peace.


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