Black People : Jay-Z Says that People are Ridiculing Him Unfairly Over the Barneys Racial Profiling Incident


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Dec 6, 2005
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Nov 2, 2009
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A dope dealer rapper that glamorized selling crack cocaine to a generation whose community was nearly-destroyed by crack cocaine is now saying he is being unfairly demonized?.. he should have been demonized from jump.. but the descendants of destroyed communities were too busy nodding their heads and shaking their azzes to the beat.

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May 6, 2013
First, when I clicked on that link, my anti-virus detection went off warning that a Trojan Horse was detected and blocked. Just a heads up.
As for Jay Z saying he's being treated unfairly..........:bawling:.
Then maybe you have a prejudice antivirus cause it is the web site of Dr Boyce Watkins and a popular Black website at that!

Jay-Z Says that People are Ridiculing Him Unfairly Over the Barneys Racial Profiling Incident




Aug 18, 2013
I can't agree with Jay Z on this grounds, first he shouldn't be doing business with a White establishment anyway, racist or not, Jay Z has enough money to start his own country but he pursues integration. Jay Z's money doesn't impress me the way it does these, "Please help please negroes", they always looking for some black celebrity to give back or some elite black who has shown continuously they don't give a rat's behind about their community. Hell I could take 10 million and live off of it and give the other 990 million away to the poor, I still will live well. No not our elite class, to them just having money is the blessing, money is only power when you do something with it, money by itself is useless. Believe me when I say this, help for the poor will only come from the poor not the rich. For the powers that be make sure real activist, real revolutionaries and humanitarians remain cash poor, God also makes sure those who are pure of heart are not tainted by greed and corruption. So in essence don't expect Jay Z to be taking a stand against discrimination or he wouldn't be rolling with Obama who authorizes the killing of American citizens and Jay Z admonishes Africa for not accepting the disease of homosexuality. Nas said it right when he said, "Jay Z was like my brother who sold his son for riches".

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