Black Entertainment : Jay Z called Def Jam artist weird

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    Jay Z called Def Jam artist weird

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    If you are looking for a new rising star to follow, Chrisette Michele is the one for you. Although when signed by L.A. Reed, who is a famous producer, singer and music executive, Michele big baby fat size was not an issue to Reed according to Sister to Sister magazine.

    Michele describes various experiences at Def Jam. The experiences range from her not having a CD collection until she was 17 and causing her not to know the words to songs at Jay Z’s request. After this brief problem, Jay Z labeled her as weird. A lot of the staff at Def Jam did not even know Michele by face but only by numbers or name. Some say this was due to cut backs at Def Jam and a lot of roles being changed under the leadership of Jay Z.

    Although Michele is able to have a few male “boos” in the business such as Raheem Devaughn John Legend and Ne Yo, she always remembers her first manager stealing money from her. The new “boos” will not get Michele labeled as a sweet thing just yet but only a female with friends. Michele , who may seem a little naïve , has her mother managing her now to prevent any more money problems. Some may say everyone is going to steal from you therefore; it might as well be family if they are going to do it.