Black Entertainment : Jay Z and Illuminati

Discussion in 'Black Entertainment' started by raheem934, Feb 11, 2008.

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    Jay Z and Illuminati

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    The streets are starting to associate Jay Z as a member of the secret world of the Illuminati. This maybe a shock to some except to the conspiracy people in the street. Although Jay Z has been successful, the conspiracy people are starting wonder if his success is afflicted with the “NWO” aka the new world order. Many have seen Jay Z throw up the rock sign. This may be the first example. After Jay Z puts up the rock sign, he has at time put his eye in the triangle symbol. This is a Manson symbol associated with the Illuminati. Even the Rockefeller clothing has various symbols that are associated with the secret world of the “NWO”. Allegedly, Jay has put these symbols in the Rhianna video with triangles every where. The video is umbrella. Jay has talked about the Euro. Everyone knows the Euro is not back by gold. The Euro is the new currency in Europe and if the Euro is not backed by gold , the Euro backing must not have any solid foundation except the defined values already set in peoples minds. If you read this Jay Z line, “ Illuminati wants my mind soul and my body, dear god i wonder can u save me". One would think Jay Z has asking for help and for GOD to keep his soul if he passes.

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    All those millions.....

    .......and access to information and knowledge we can't even imagine, and he says...I "WONDER" IF YOU CAN SAVE ME?
    What does that tell you?!!!!
    (we as Africans need to br clear regarding the scientific process of programming young minds)
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    Corrupt artist Jay Z

    Never been a fan of anyone who brags about selling bricks to make it to the top. How cool is it to sell drugs in your community, brag about it, buy up a bunch of material nonsense including blood diamonds and call women hoes?

    From the design of his material he's not a brother that seems to contribute to his people, just my view

    And as beautiful and talented as B is, she ought to put some clothes on and make some music with a message instead of catering to white people's fantasies.

    Again, just my opinion.