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    JAMES THE BROTHER OF JESUS & DEAD SEA SCROLLS: The historical James, Paul the enemy. And Jesus’ brothers as Apostles volume 1

    By Robert Eisenman

    Book Review By Andre Austin

    Robert Eisenman digs deep into unraveling the political and religious motivations for some of the distortions presented in the bible. The last sentence of his book is a clue to his whole focal point: “Who and whatever James was, so was Jesus”. I first came to know Eisenman when he appeared in the movie Caesar’s Messiah

    Right from the gate Paul was an enemy to James, Peter etal from the start, middle and the end. Eisenman believes Paul wasn’t a Jew but an Arab. Paul does claim he was a benjamite like his OT Saul The truth of the matter of Benjamin’s original name of ben-oni, (son of On), being from the Egyptian city of Heliopolis, known as On in the bible. There is also a weird coincidence in Acts of Paul being mistaken for an Egyptian.

    Eisenman claims that the New Testament is too despicably anti-semetic for its gospels to have been written by Jews. Eisenman consistently throughout his book uses the terms of erasing or Overwritten, refurbished, reversals and overlap to explain how Paul or a ghost writing Paul writes out James election as successor to Jesus and his murder by Paul. The correct terminology for this type of literature writing is called Typology. Typology is simply using prior events and stories and superimposing them for another new story.

    Eisenman proves to my satisfaction that the murder of Stephen in Acts 7 was a double or stand in for James. It would be difficult for Saul/Paul to recruit passive followers for Rome and admit he killed the righteous One which was a title for James. Stephen (crown) is Stephanos Arcticos, the Northern Crown, which is the first Martyr at the vernal equinox. Stephen or crown as referring to the unshown locks of the Nazirite which tradition says was worn by James. Stephen death by stoning and falling down is also consistent with the manner of death of James reported by Josephus bar Matthias in The Antiquities of the Jews. Eventually Saul/Paul would be castrated (become tiny) by the Roman government for killing James and latter be beheaded. To be tiny or a little Christian or little fishes for the Romans was to be cut down to size with losing a hand, foot, eye or even your private parts.

    Eisenman also records that after Judas Iscariot dies there was the election of James was transformed in acts into the election of Matthias to replace. I always thought there was something suspicious about the selection of two people who would advance to apostolic ministry in Acts 1: 23-26. I do not believe these two people were 2 but 1. Because the gospels were based in part on Josephus bar Matthias history in the War of the Jews he’s the prime candidate. The movie Casear’s Messiah proves this. These so-called two people Joseph Bar-sabbas and Matthias is none other than Josephus Bar Matthias with the combining of the two names. The same was true of jacking up Jesus genealogy with several variations of the name of Matthias name being used. The people who wrote the New testament hated Jesus and his brother and wanted to cut him and his family off from claims to the leadership of Christianity so that the leadership in Rome, the fake Christians could use the religion for economic and political power.

    On page 203 of Eisenman book there is a picture of Epaphroditus he was Josephus publisher and Domitian secretary. He helped Nero kill himself and he was Paul’s colleague and “Ace boon coon” linking him to Casear’s household see (Phil 2:25& 4:18-22). The statue appears to be a black man because he has high cheeks bones and thick lips, lamb hair but his nose is missing. He encouraged and maybe helped Josephus write Antiquities and Vita. Eisenman thinks Epaphroditus was a prime candidate for being a part of the inner circle of the original accounts upon which so many of our gospel episodes are based. It also appears by coincidence that Epaphroditus may be named after the Ethiopian black god Epaphus from Greek mythology. Josephus has this to say of Epaphroditus “O Epaphroditus, thou most excellent of men do I dedicate all this treaties of our Antiquities” (Vita 76). And then in the Preface to Antiquities of the Jews: “Epaphroditus, a man who is a lover of all kind of learning, but is principally delighted with the knowledge of history and concerned in great affairs”. From the biography of Suetonius on Nero and Domitian there are two quotes: “Then, with the help of his (Nero) secretary Epaphroditus, he stabbed himself in the throat”. The other quote just sates that Domitian, the bald headed Red dragon of Revelation who tears out women hair in his bed then uses it as a wig, killed Epaphroditus. It appears that Epaphroditus was a black Jew who helped Josephus write and publish his work in “Our” Antiquities. This is why I read everything because you never know where you can get a good idea from to paraphrase Malcolm X.


    With James being killed by Paul in the 60’s as the first Christian martyr then this proves jesus his brother wasn’t crucified.

    J.A. Rogers reports that slaves in Rome had many occupations like “actors, tutors, secretaries, counselors and Physicans” (Nature knows no Color-line p.43).
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    A modern-day Jew doubting the Jews for Jesus of antiquity's resentment and distaste at being marginalized in the temple by the Judaic priests.

    How droll. :news:[/quote][/quote]