Black People : James D Manning (the smudge of our peoples)

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    James David Manning – The Monster Within

    We as a people have overcome many obstacles not because of but despite of. In light of our accomplishments it seems that there are those whom wish to stay in a state of mass confusion with the illusion that they must protect those who wish to destroy them. I was under the illusion that such people within our community did not exist and if they did their voice was within their small section of followers. With the advent of technology, what seemed to be a small problem has been put on public display for the world to see.

    James D. Manning has taken his foolishness above and beyond his small sect of follower and he has gone global with his ignorance. Having type his name in my google search I’ve came across several racist websites like Stormfront and other who proclaim James Manning to be our savior in our hour of darkness as it reads:

    "Stormfront's favorite Black leader. He's been the subject of many threads and posts around here. American Blacks should listen to him, if they ever wish to advance."

    What he has done is taken some of our weakest attributes as a people and used them to exploit us for his personal gain. Some of the stuff he say’s borders the line of ‘<b>DOMESTIC TERRORISM</b>’ by calling European Americans to take us to the streets in what could be a bloody battle. He has taken some truths and mixed them with lies, false statistics, media targeting and other organized superior complexes that we are faced with.

    I feel it necessary to explain why I say some truths.

    In an attempt to look past my disgust for this dude and his irresponsible rhetoric I found one point that he makes to be true. It is extremely hard but to face but as I wrote in another post, one of our greatest historians John Henrik Clarke said:

    "Stop talking so much. You never saw a heavy thinker with his mouth open"

    Again he said:

    I do not think the Africans, the Caribbean’s or the black Americas studied any degree of depth seriously the rise of modern Japan. They went into a war, they lost! They sustained two atomic bombs. They had their country occupied! Now the people that defeated them are now begging them for commercial space. What did they do that we have forgotten how to do? THEY DID SOME SERIOUS ASTUTE PLANNING. Not loud mouthing, not boasting, they did not get on the radio or any of that form calling any names, but they did what they had to do!

    John Henrik Clarke said to stop talking so much and in another quote he spoke of a people that didn’t loud mouth. Our greatest weakness has been our inability to stop trying to convince people of their wrong doing and moving forward. We as a people have concentrated a lot of our energies on public speaking, marching and complaining about what they are doing. We have yet to speak less and produce more. We have become complacent in pointing out their wrongs (which they are) as though they don’t know that they are wrong. They know they are wrong but it does them good to make you think that they feel they are not wrong so THAT we can’t focus on what we really need to do; which is to shut up and move forward! This is not to say forget, it’s to say move forward and eventually they will be forced to deal with their wickedness.

    They call us n***ers, we complain and get caught up in our public displays of anger while calling for retribution. They called the Japanese ‘Japs’ but they didn’t complain, they keep it pushing and created something that was in demand, knowing that the Europeans would have to come to them one day. The circumstances are different for so-called African Americans having come to this country, beat into submission and forced to loose our heritage. Despite of those circumstances we’ve managed to create ‘black wall street’ and many other inventions that were destroyed and stolen in a time that we didn’t have the so-called freedoms we have now. The point that I’m making is, our forefathers/mothers who was in a much worse situation created something that we have yet to create for our people today which is in a better position. This is the time that we should be taking advantage because America has an image to uphold to the world and if at anytime we need to be moving it is today without all of the loud talking – wasting time complaining.

    They nuked millions of Japanese citizens killing millions, mentally damaging millions but they keep it pushing. Now they own a large part of America’s economy and if they told America to pay them back right now, this country would be tore up. They went from being beat into submission to being a super power in today’s economy. It took them only 60 years to do it (This month this years is the 64th anniversary of the war). Here’s why I agree with this only part of what he says and that’s because of what our forefathers had proved. It took Japanese 60 years to rebuild, it took our forefathers 50 years to rebuild. The oppression of our forefathers who were prisoners of war ended in 1865 and by the time of 1915 ‘Black Wall Street’ was a major power. In 1921 they destroyed it but again it was a different time, a different day. 88 years later and we still haven’t rebuilt a foundation but have been complaining ever since.

    If you live in a hood i.e. hells then turn hell into paradise. If were broke (money) then let us fix it and re-invest into ourselves, and if we are divided then let us mend the torn seems. We have another ‘Black Wall Street’ to rebuild and all of the theatrics are not working for us. John Henrik Clarke was on time when he said “talking so much. You never saw a heavy thinker with his mouth open”.

    It is for this reason I say he’s taken some truths and converted them in false statistics feeding the hatred of those whom wish to fight against our unstoppable rise to power even though we’ve suffered a small setback its back to business.

    When we have people like this in our mist they must be banned from our presence giving them over to the very ones they try to protect. When their message shows no validity having spoken about a people whom reversed the format that we’ve been using, they will immediately revoke their so-called black passes and treat him like they needs to be treated; as obsolete.

    Having a discussion about this man will allow us to have a more positive discussion about the loose strings that unravels the bind that connects our peoples.

    This is the internal ignorance that needs to be shut down. In a sense I feel that he's done his job like the supposed Judas of the bible which is to make us re-evaluate our precepts but now its time for him to do what Judas did to himself.