Black Ancestors : James Brown: The Hardest Working A-hole in Show Business

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    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
    James Brown’s music and lyrics are woven into the politics of Black America’s most productive
    decade, the Sixties. However, JB’s “relationship to the Black people he touched most directly – those
    who worked for him – was cruel, petty, and contemptuous.”

    “’Mr. Brown’ held only one Black person in high regard: himself.”

    When James Brown died on Christmas day, 2006, I wrote an article for the brand new Black Agenda
    Report crediting the “Godfather of Soul” as “The Man Who Named a People.” People of African
    descent had been called – and called themselves – by many names in their centuries of sojourn in
    North America. But, it was not until release of James Brown’s August, 1968, era-busting hit “Say it
    Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud” that the broad masses of Black people got a chance to express their
    own preference. As I wrote:

    “Brown’s greatest gift was to allow masses of Black people to participate in the process of
    self-determination. Nothing like it had happened before, or since. By submitting the declaration ‘I’m
    Black and I’m Proud’ directly to the people, for them to affirm or reject, Brown took the name issue
    out of smoke-filled strategy rooms and away from the machinations of self-selected ‘spokespersons.’
    James Brown called out, and the people responded – democracy in action.”

    Left unsaid was the fact that “Mr. Brown” held only one Black person in high regard: himself. With the
    release of the movie Get On Up, those of us who knew “Soul Brother Number One” are free at last to
    tell the truth: he was an a-hole of the highest order.

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    betwixt and between
    Brother RAPTOR ... the Brother just died ... he's dead ... cannot defend his own self.

    It's even still kinda new ... his death ... a loss not quite overcome in every way.

    I just don't get talking low down and dirty about the Brother and he's dead.

    Did the author of this story you're propagating ... say these things when the Brother was alive?

    Did he say them to James?

    Is this his best work ... the author's I mean?

    I don't get it ... and I'm really wanting to close this thread.

    James Brown was a Black Man with children, Momma, Daddy ... what?!

    He has passed on.

    What is this person who wrote this doing ... living off of a dead man's life?

    Is this his greatest work? I just don't get it.

    In fact ... it makes me wanna stab somebody.

    Before I do that ... I'll just close the thread.

    This aint the place to speak ill of our Ancestors.

    We Honor Our Ancestors at


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