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    Rasta/Patois Dictionary.
    Compiled by Mike Pawka

    A : prep. to as in "go a shop," from Spanish (7)
    A GO : aux w/v. going to do, as in "Me a go tell him" (7)
    A DOOR : outdoors. (5)
    ACCOMPONG : n. name of Maroon warrior, Capt. Accompong, brother of
    Cudjo; also name of town. From the Twi name for the
    supreme deity (7)
    ACKEE : n. African food tree introduced about 1778. From Twi
    ankye or Kru akee (7)
    AGONY : the sensations felt during sex (6)
    AKS : ask (28)
    ALIAS : adj. (urban slang) dangerous, violent (7)
    AMSHOUSE : poorhouse (29)
    AN : than (5)
    ARMAGEDDON : the biblical final battle between the forces of good
    and evil (1)
    ASHAM : n. Parched, sweetened, and ground corn. From twi
    osiam (7)

    BABYLON : 1. the corrupt establishment, the "system,
    " Church and State 2. the police, a policeman (1)
    BAD : good, great (2)
    BAD BWAI : (bad boy) 1. refering to a bold man; a compliment 2.
    : One who has committed a crime.
    : (rude bwai, ruddy, baddy) (31)
    BADNESS : hooligan behavior, violence for its own sake (1)
    BAFAN : clumsy; awkward (5)
    BAFANG : a child who did not learn to walk the 1st 2-7 years. (5)
    BAG-O-WIRE : a betrayer (1)
    BAGGY : underpants for a woman or child. (5)
    BALMYARD : n. place where pocpmania rites are held, healing is
    done, spells cast or lifted (7)
    BAKRA : white slavemaster, or member of the ruling class in
    colonial days. Popular etymology:
    "back raw" (which he bestowed with a whip.) (5)
    BALD-HEAD : a straight person; one without dreadlocks;
    one who works for babylon (2)
    BAMBA YAY : by and by (7)
    BAMBU : rolling paper (1)
    BAMMY : a pancake made out of cassava, after it has been grated
    and squeezed to remove the bitter juice. (5)
    BANDULU : bandit, criminal, one living by guile (1)
    a BANDULU BIZNESS is a racket, a swindle. (5)
    BANGARANG : hubbub, uproar, disorder, disturbance. (5)
    BANKRA : a big basket, including the type which hangs over the
    sides of a donkey. (5)
    BANS : from bands; a whole lot, a great deal, nuff,
    whole heap. (5)
    BANTON : a storyteller (50)
    BASHMENT : party, dance, session (3)
    BAT : butterfly or moth. English bat, the flying rodent,
    is a rat-bat. (5)
    BATTY : bottom; backside; anus. (5)
    BATTYBWOY : a gay person (6)
    BEAST : a policeman (1)
    BEENIE : little (36)
    BEX : vex (verb), or vexed (adjective). (5)
    BHUTTU (BUHTUH) : an uncouth, out of fashion, uncultured person
    Use: Wey yu a go inna dem deh cloze? Yu fayva buttu (12)
    BIG BOUT YAH : Large and in charge. Superlative indicating status
    (power, fame, money, talent, etc) within some social
    group (12)
    BISCUIT : a particularly attractive woman (46)
    BISSY : cola nut. (5)
    BOOPS/BOOPSIE : Boops is a man, often older, who supports a young woman;
    boopsie refers to a kept woman (46)
    BLACK UP : To smoke weed. Like somene would ask "You Black up
    : today?" Meaning did you smoke today? (14)
    BLACKHEART MAN : a rascal, a hooligan (38)
    BLOUSE AND SKIRT : common exclamation of surprise. (29)
    BLY : chance, "must get a bly", "must get a chance". (4)
    BOASIE : adj. proud, conceited, ostentatious. Combination of
    English boastful and Yoruba bosi-proud and ostentatious (7)
    BOASIN TONE : Swollen penis or testicles (13)
    BOBO : fool. (5)
    BOBO DREAD : a rastafarian sect based on the teachings of Prince Emanuel Edwards
    distinguished by turbin-like headdresses, flowing white robes and
    communal living (50)
    BODERATION : Boderation comes from the word bother and that's
    basically what it means. If something is a boderation
    then it's a bother. (29)
    BONG BELLY PICKNEY : a greedy child who ate too much. (29)
    BOONOONOONOUS : Meaning wonderful. (13)
    BOX : To smack or to hit in the face. (13)
    BRAA : from BREDDA; brother. (5)
    BRAATA : a little extra; like the 13th cookie in a baker's dozen;
    or an extra helping of food. In musical shows it has
    come to be the encore. (5)
    BREDREN : one's fellow male Rastas (1)
    BRINDLE : to be angry (6)
    BRINKS : title given to a man who is supplying a woman with money
    BUBU : fool. (5)
    BUCKY : home-made gun (2) slave (29)
    BUCKY MASSA : master over the slaves (29)
    BUD : bird. (14)
    BUFU-BUFU : fat, swollen, blubbery; too big; clumsy or lumbering.(5)
    BUGUYAGA : a sloppy, dirty person, like a bum or tramp. (5)
    BULL BUCKA : a bully (1)
    BULLA : a comon sugar and flour cookie or small round cake,
    sold everywhere in Jamaica. (5)
    (TO GET) BUN : to have one's spouse or girl/boy-friend cheat on
    oneself, to be cheated out of something (6)
    BLOOD CLOT : curse words (1)
    BUCK UP : meet (28)
    BUMBO : bottom; backside. A common curse word, especially in
    combination with CLOT (cloth),
    a reference to the days before toilet paper. (5)
    BUN : burn (29)
    BUNGO : n. racially pejorative. Crude, black, ignorant,
    boorish person. From Hausa bunga-bumpkin, nincompoop (7)
    BUNKS : to knock or bump against, from "to bounce",
    BUNKS MI RES, catch my rest, take a nap. (5)
    BWOY : Boy (13)

    (THE) CAT : a woman's genitals (6)
    CALLALOU : A spinach stew. (18)
    CARD : to fool someone (6)
    CEASE & SEKKLE! : stop everything and relax! (6)
    CEPES : (n.) - beard (35)
    CERACE : a ubiquitous vine used for boiling medicinal tea,
    and for bathing. It is proverbial for its bitterness.(5)
    CHA! or CHO! : a disdainful expletive (1) pshaw! (2) very common, mild
    explanation expressing impatience, vexation or
    disappointment. (5)
    CHAKA-CHAKA : messy, disorderly, untidy. (5)
    CHALICE or CHILLUM : a pipe for smoking herb, usually made from coconut shell
    or CHALEWA : and tubing, used ritually by Rastas (1)
    CHANT : (v.) - to sing, especially cultural or spiritual songs (35)
    CHEAP : just as cheap, just as well. (5)
    CHI CHI MAN : a gay man (6)
    CHIMMY : chamber pot. (5)
    CHO : very common, mild explanation expressing impatience,
    vexation or disappointment. (5)
    CLAP : hit, break, stride (1)
    CLOT : 1. cloth, an essential part of most Jamaican bad words,
    such as bumbo clot, rass clot, blood clot, etc.
    The essence of Jamaican cursing seems to be nastiness
    , rather than the blashemy or sexuality which is
    characteristic of the metropolitan countries.
    2. to hit or strike - from the verb "to clout". (5)
    3. literally means a used tampon (31)
    COCO : a potato-like edible root, known elsewhere as the taro
    or the eddo.
    It was brought to Jamaica from the South Pacific.
    This is completely distinct from cocoa, usually called
    chocolate. (5)
    COIL : money (6)
    COLD I UP : humiliate or be-little (29)
    COME DUNG : come down, get ready (as to prepare to play a tune) (6)
    COME EEN LIKE : to seem as if; to resemble. (5)
    CONTROL : to be in charge of, responsible for, to own; to take (1)
    COO 'PON : v. (origin unclear) Look upon! (7)
    COO YAH : v. (origin unclear) Look here! (7) pay attention (17)
    COOL RUNNINGS : usually used at a time of departure on a long journey
    meaning have a safe trip (31)
    COOLIE : the traditional Jamaican epithet for East Indians.
    It is never used It is never used for Chinese Jamaicans.
    Usually in the form coolie-man or coolie-oman.
    It is not considered polite today anymore than the term
    nega, but it is still used widely in rural areas. (5)
    COLLIE : n. (urban slang) ganja (7)
    COME YAH (cumyu) : come here. (17)
    CORK UP : jammed, filled, crowded (2)
    CORN : 1. marijuana 2. money 3. a bullet (1)
    COTCH : verb (cotch up), to support something else, as with a
    forked stick; to balance something or place it
    temporarily; to beg someone a cotch, can be a place on
    a crowded bus seat or bench; or it may mean to cotch a
    while, to stay somewhere temporarily. (5)
    COTTA : a roll of cloth or vegetation placed on top of the head
    to cushion the skull from the weight of a head load. (5)
    CRAB : aside from it's usual meaning, it is a verb meaning to
    scratch or claw. (5)
    CRAVEN : greedy (5)
    CRAVEN CHOKE PUPPY : someone who wants everything but when
    they get it , they can't manage it.

    CREATION STEPPER : means you step it in and throughout Babylon without
    fear - cuttin' edge, livin' on the edge, fear no foe.
    Lookin justice in the eye and saying, What are you doin ?"!! (29)
    CRIS : crisp; popularly used for anything brand-new,
    slick-looking. (5)
    CRISSARS : crisp, brand-new (2)
    CROMANTY : adj. from Corromantee, Blacks from the Gold Coast
    believed to be rebellious (7)
    CROCUS BAG : a very large sack made of coarse cloth, like burlap (10)
    CROSSES : problems, vexations, trials; bad luck, misfortunes. (5)
    CRUCIAL : serious, great, "hard,", "dread" (1)
    CU : verb, look! (5)
    CU DEH! : look there! (5)
    CU PAN : look at. (5)
    CU YA! : look here! (5)
    CU YU : To say "Look at you." To the person you are refering to. (14)
    CUBBITCH : covetous. (5)
    CUDJO : n. name of famous Maroon warrior; mn born on Monday,
    from Fante, Twi kudwo (7)
    CULTURE : reflecting or pertaining to the roots values and
    traditions highly respected by the Rastas (1)
    CUSS-CUSS : a quarrel or fracas, with lots of cursing. (5)
    CUT YAI : to cut your eye at somebody is a very common means of
    expressing scorn or contempt, for example; one catches
    the other person's eye, then deliberatly turns one's
    own eyes as an insult. (5)
    You can also cut your eye at somebody in a friendly way. (29)
    CUTCHIE : pipe for communal smoking. (5)
    CYA : 1. to care; "donkya", don't care, careless; "no kya"
    means no matter, as in "no kya weh im tun",
    no matter where he turns.
    2. to carry. (5)
    CYAAN : can't. (5)
    CYAI : to carry. (5)
    CYAN : can. (5)

    D.J. : a person who sings or scats along with dub music,
    sometimes called "toasting" (2)
    DAAL : split peas, usually a thick soup, from Indian cuisine,
    from Hindi. (5)
    DADA : father (6)
    DALLY : executive zig-zag movements on wheels (2) or on foot (6)
    to ride a bicycle or motorbike with a weaving motion,
    as when ones weaves around potholes. (5)
    DAN DADA : the highest of DON'S (6)
    DAN : than (5)
    DARKERS : sunglasses (6)
    DASHEEN : a big soft yam-like root, often slightly greyish when
    cooked. It is related to the coco, but one eats the
    "head" instead of the tubers. (5)
    DAWTA : a girl, woman, "sister," girlfriend (1)
    DEAD HOOD : (the H is silent) = A man that can't perform sexually. Impotent.
    DEADERS : meat, meat by-products (1)
    DEESTANT : decent. (5)
    DEGE or DEGE-DEGE : adjective, little, skimpy, measly, only, as in a two
    dege-dege banana. (5)
    DEH : there (place) (6)
    DEY : v. to be, exist, as in "No yam no dey". From Ewe de or
    Twi de - to be (7)
    DEY 'PON : (aux. v.) - to be engaged in action or continuing
    activity (35) literally "there upon" As in "it dey pon de table". (29)
    DI : the (6)
    DILDO MACCA : dangerous macca or thorn that will bore you up (29)
    DINKI : a kind of traditional dance at funerals or "nine nights"
    ("set-ups"); now popular among school children. (5)
    DIS or DIS YA : this (6)
    DJEW : as a verb, rain a djew; as a noun, djew rain.
    It means a light rain or drizzle. (5)
    DOGHEART : a person who is especially cold and cruel (6)
    DOLLY : executive zig-zag movements on wheels (2)
    DON : one who is respected, master of a situation (6)
    DONKYA : from "don't care"; careless, sloppy, lacking ambition,
    etc. (5)
    DOONDOOS : an albino. (5)
    DOWNPRESSOR : preferred term for oppressor (1)
    DOTI : "Dutty" means dirty, dirt or earth (19)(29)
    (TO) DRAW CARD : the act of fooling someone (6)
    DREAD : 1. a person with dreadlocks
    2. a serious idea or thing
    3. a dangerous situation or person
    4. the "dreadful power of the holy"
    5. experientially, "awesome, fearful confrontation of
    a people with a primordial but historically denied
    racial selfhood" (1)
    DREADLOCKS : 1. hair that is neither combed nor cut 2. a person with
    dreadlocks (1)
    DREADY : a friendly term for a fellow dread (1)
    DUB : a roots electronic music, created by skillful,
    artistic re-engineering of recorded tracks (2)
    DUB PLATE : A pre-release copy of a record, often produced
    exclusively for a specific sound system (see "sound system"). (46)
    DUCK-ANTS : white ants, or termites. (5)
    DUKUNU : sweet corn-meal dumplings boiled in wrapped leaves. (5)
    DUNDUS : an albino. (5)
    DUNGLE : n. legendary West Kingston slum surrounding a garbage
    dump, now cleared. (7)
    : From English dunghill
    DUNS,DUNSA : money (1)
    DUPPY : a ghost (1)
    DUTCHY : dutch cooking pot, low round-bottomed heavy pot. (5)

    DUTTY : dirty (17)

    EASE-UP : to forgive, to lighten up (6)
    & CURRY : all is well, all is taken care of (6)

    FALLA FASHIN : Copycat (13)
    FAS' : to be fast with, meaning to be rude, impertinent,
    to meddle with sombody's business, to be forward, etc.
    FASSY : eczema-like scratchy sores on the skin;
    also a verb meaning to cause oneself to be covered with
    fassy by scratching. (5)
    FAASTI (FIESTY) : impertinent, rude, impudent (35)
    FAYVA : to favour, resemble, or look like; "fayva like"
    also means "it seems as if". (5)
    FE (FI) : the infinitive "to" as in "Have fe go" (7)
    : "a fe" Have to (28) "fe dem" their (28)
    FEEL NO WAY : don't take offense, don't be sorry, don't worry (1)
    FENKY-FENKY : (from finicky) choosy, proud, stuck-up. (5)

    FENNEH : v. to feel physical distress, pain. From Twi
    fene-to vomit; Fante fena-to be troubled; Lumba
    feno-to faint (7)
    FI (FE) : possessive. "fi me"-"mine" (7) Can also mean
    : "for" or "to", as in "I ha' fi", I have to.
    : Yu num fi du dat = You are not to do that. (12)
    Fe is Fi as in fi ar means hers
    fi im - his
    fi dem - theirs
    fi you - yours
    fi me - mine (29)
    FIESTY (FAASTI) : impudent, rude, out of order, cheeky. (5)
    FIRST LIGHT : tomorrow (1)
    (HIM A) FISH : a gay person (6)
    FIT : when used of fruits and vegetables,
    it means ready to pick, full grown,
    though not necessarily fully ripe. (5)
    also means in good shape. ("You haffe fit!") (31)
    FORWARD : 1. to go, move on, set out 2. in the future (1)
    FRONTA : tobacco leaf used to roll herb (1)
    ******Y : wrong, unfair (6)
    TO THE FULLNESS : completely, absolutely, totally (1)
    FUNDS : Money (6)

    GAAN A BED : an adverbial phrase; following a verb of liking or
    loving, it has a superlative meaning;
    Can be used in any context,
    such as "I love hafu yam gaan to bed!". (5)
    means very much as in liking very much (29)
    GALANG : go along. (23)
    GANJA : herb, marijuana (1)
    GANSEY : t-shirt, any knit shirt (2)
    (TO) GET SALT : to be thwarted, to encounter misfortune (6)
    GATES : home, yard (1)
    GENERAL : cool operator (1)
    GI : give (28)
    GIG : spinning top. (5)
    GILL : unit of measure like pint. (42)
    GINNAL : n. trickster, con-man, an Amnancy figure as in "Sunday
    Ginnal"-a preacher or clergyman (7)
    GLAMITY : a woman's genitals (6)
    GORGON : outstanding dreadlocks (1) a dragon (29)
    (DON) GORGON : outstanding dreadlocks, a person who is respected (2,6)
    GRAVALICIOUS : greedy, avaricious. (5)
    GRINDSMAN : one who displays great prowess in bed(6)
    GROUNATION : large, island-wide meeting and celebration of Rastas (1)
    GROUND : home, yard (4)

    HACKLE : to hassle, bother, worry, trouble. As a noun, hackling.
    HAFFI : to have to... (6)
    HAIL : a greeting (1)
    HARBOUR SHARK : "Mr. Want-All" glutton, greedy, someone who wants it all. (29)
    HARD : excellent, proficient, skillful, uncompromising (1) tough (29)
    HARD EARS : stubborn, doesn't listen (37)
    HEETCH : itch. Many such words could be listed under H,
    as initial H is added to scores of words at will. (5)
    HEAD MAN JANCRO : n. albino buzzard (7)
    HERB : marijuana (1)
    HIEZ-HAAD : ears-hard, thick skulled, stubborn, unwilling or unable
    to hear. (5)
    HIEZ : ears. (5)
    HIGGLERS : higglers, who are primarly woman who buy and sell goods
    that they have imported into the country. Some higglers,
    however, do not make trips out of the country to buy
    goods, but sell the goods that others import. The
    connection between higglers and dancehall culture is
    crucial as they form one of the strongest international
    links between JA, North America, and the Caribbean. (16)
    HITEY-TITEY : upper class, high tone, "stoosh". (5) someone who pretends to be better
    than they are (29)
    HOMELY : to be relaxed, comfortable, enjoying your home surrounding. (14)
    HOOD : penis. (5)
    HORTICAL (DON) : respected, acclaimed (6)
    HOT-STEPPER : fugitive from jail or gun court (1)

    I-DREN : (n.)- male Rastafarian (35)
    I-MAN : I, me, mine (1)
    I-NEY : a greeting (2)
    I-REY : 1. a greeting 2. excellent, cool, highest (1)
    I-SHENCE : herb (1)
    I-TAL : vital, organic, natural, wholesome; refers to way of
    cooking and way of life (1)
    in colors, red, green and gold (2)
    I : replaces "me", "you", "my"; replaces the first syllable
    of seleted words (1) I and I, I&I: I, me, you and me,
    we (1)
    Rastafari speech eliminates you, me we, they, etc.,
    as divisive and replaces same with communal I and I.
    I and I embraces the congregation in unity with the
    Most I (high) in an endless circle of inity (unity). (3)
    IEZ-HAAD : ears-hard, thick skulled, stubborn, unwilling or
    unable to hear. (5)
    IEZ : ears. (5)
    ILIE : adj. literally, "highly", valuable, exalted, even
    sacred (7)
    IGNORANT : short-tempered, easy to vex, irate. (5)
    INNA DI MORROWS : tomorrow (6)
    INNA : In the (4)
    IRIE : A Greeting. excellent, cool, highest (1)
    : adj. powerful and pleasing (7)
    ISES/IZES/ISIS : praises (11) Praises to the almighty given by Rasta
    : when calling on the name of Jah for strength and
    : assistance for achieving progress in life. (30)

    ISMS and SKISMS : negative term denoting Babylon's classificatory systems
    ITES : 1. the heights
    2. a greeting
    3. the color red (1) great (2)
    4. another word for irie. Or you use it to mean "OK"
    as in when someone asks you to do something
    for you, you would reply, "Ites." (29)
    IWA : certain time or hour (43)
    JA, JAM-DOWN : Jamaica (1)
    JACKASS ROPE : homegrown tobacco, twisted into a rope. (5)
    JAH KNOW : Lord knows (1)
    JAH : God; possibly derived as a shortened form of Jahweh or
    Jehovah (1)
    Jah Ras Tafari, Haille Selassie, King of Kings, Lord of
    Lords, conquering Lion of Judah; rastas revere Haile
    Selassie as the personification of the Almighty (2)

    JAMDUNG : Jamaica, "Jam" to press down "dung" down. Ironic
    reference to social and economic conditions of the
    masses (7)
    JAMMIN : to be having a good time, to be dancing calypso/soca (6)
    JANCRO : n. literally John Crow, buzzard (7)
    JANGA : shrimp, crayfish. (5)
    JELLY : a young coconut, full of jelly. (5)
    JON CONNU : n. (John Canoe). Bands of elaborately masked dancers
    appearing around Christmas. They ressemble the
    ancestral dancers of West Africa, but the ety. of the
    word is unclear. (7)
    JOOK : to pierce or stick, as with a thorn or a long pointed
    stick. (5) also used in a sexual context (29)
    JOOKS : hangout, relax (29)
    JUDGIN' : adjective, everyday or ordinary clothes or shoes worn
    in the yard or in the bush, as in "judgin' boot".
    Also as a verb, to judge, with a similar meaning. (5)

    Rasta/Patois Dictionary
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