Black Poetry : Jail Within Me


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Mar 24, 2001
Kokomo, Indiana
A Supervisor at the Sheriff's Department
Misplaced destiny, misinterpreted fears
Late night cryings, early morning leers

Noone understands how or why my life made this turn
Noone wants to see me, so for freedom I daily yearn

Carelessness of those chose to watch over me
Causes me to ponder this reality

Questionable words from this who claim to love me so
Figuarative claims expressed by those seeking to destroy my soul

Holding on tight and never let go
Know that God is there, for He will help you cope

And just when it seems that all is lost and you're sinking in that dark hole

Know in your heart and and express with your mouth, that

Incarcerated in my mind, vision blurry and obsolete
Reaching out and always searching for that one to make me complete.

Lost then found, loosed then bound .... negating to see the good in me

Lying down in utter dismay only to rise to see another day

I shiver from the coldness of this cell I"ve placed myself in,

I sliver from my high place to the lowest valley, in order to place myself in my confort zone

A place where I don't have to answer to any of my inadequacies

A place where there is none that I can see,
Because of things I've been through and
Because of the things I've seen

I am on lock down and it seems I can't get released

For the jail that I have been locked up in, is the jail I've built within me


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