Black Poetry : JAIL TIME


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Apr 1, 2001

Often erratic to soften static, just about had it with life capacity to meet
Task, tenacity got me in last place power and affection, shower with
Protection must do it well, trust me I blew my game to hell //
Hit the deck I’m legit wit a tech, quick and alert, sick when rhymes perk well //
Complete my preparation on streets face temptation like the church ring bell //
Jump off the bridge, funk is boss for kids, junk be false got a Bud in the refridge
Easy confidence sleazy sequence been tried and proven, end result ride high I’m
Moving //
Congested game arrested not my aim, survive fall arrive tall at conclusion grooving //
One broad sweep oh lord I fell deep into debt still wet behind the ears **** I was losing //
My self, stress wearing a broach I love approached a nest of thugs with guns and slugs //
Need a job proceed to involve myself no doorknob or pride left, yo kid you wanna sell drugs? //
Rise above scrubs come on MADD join the club its all money nothing funny get this honey you’ll
Be a dummy if you don’t jump on this, close to death almost out of breath, brought to a stop
Caught by a cop, fought nailed on possession slop, went to jail just to prevail I failed my family
My female not even Sammy Davis Jr. could tap dance up in here, no chance for my rap career
Fell in a hole dug, hell on a soul thug yall //
Freak on the street try to sell mess, now in jail cells abreast cats be partly minister, darkly
Sinister I won’t get to college, spit wet knowledge like rain, smash garbage just to maintain
Like a stone wall //
Prison life not buttering had visions twice my dew rag fluttering from my head uttering to
Myself better off dead, whack how my black pride was attack broadside felt like a bumpy
Hayride. So evidently I’ve gently **** myself up **** should’ve duck them drugs //



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