Black Poetry : Jail Life


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May 11, 2006
Jail Life

Listeners wept live in a place prisoners are kept walls are solid
All the hydraulics of my criminal past are locked in and squalid
Fouls and run down, my style’s done now clown acts in my life
Locally evaded and morally degraded the facts aren’t nice
They latch my cell then attach a bell escape is a Mission
Impossible like Tom Cruise, the food is rude give me visions
And bad dreams awaken with sad screams no good being imprisioned
Use to be blinging around town now have a ringing sound
In my ears took the wrong ride only the strong survive this renowned
Ordeal, love sandwichspread but the guards damage my head
With repeated blows and deleted foes they don’t bandage the dead
In jail you insecure but mature and be sure to cover your tracks
mother want me back home safe, I failed her face the facts
Live here still in rage and fear will age me overnight like crack


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