Black Relationships : Jahleel Addae: "Toast to more light skin babies"


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Feb 21, 2016
This is when you know the genocide is being pushed of our people and its being done by pawns like this......

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NFL Player Faces Backlash After Toasting To More ‘Light Skin Kids’ With White Fiance'

Somehow foolishness continues to seep into Black History Month, but this time it’s by our own — now removed. Los Angeles Chargers player Jahleel Addae was proudly filmed by his white fiancée Lindsey Nelson toasting to “light skin kids” among a group of swirl friends. Might I add, there wasn’t a sista in sight.

The video above was initially posted to Nelson’s Instagram story with the caption reading “Cheers to more light skin kids” in case their ovation wasn’t audible enough.

Addae, who is Ghanian-American, is currently being dragged by Twitter and subsequently left the chat, as his Instagram account is now private.

Now, for those who want to go on a love-whoever-you-want tangent, please note, the issue isn’t that he’s engaged to a white woman, it’s the underlying reasons indicated by his praise for a potential “light skin baby” (because being mixed doesn’t automatically equal a fair complexion) showcasing an inherent hate toward his own dark skin. Then there’s also those truth-telling Tweets unearthed on Twitter.

View image on Twitter

But everything was considered a joke #NFL #chargers #JahleelAddae #SportsCenter obviously from these previous tweets he has a problem.

One user questioned how his female family members feel about his comments.
But everything was considered a joke #NFL #chargers #JahleelAddae #SportsCenter obviously from these previous tweets he has a problem

#JahleelAddae family photo. #addae #African #Ghana

Others questioned the validity of his engagement?

Chargers safety Jahleel Addae and others toast to more “lightskinned” kids

A few were taking no prisoners!

Maria Alex-Grady@mariaangelo2014

@D:confused:rAddae37 #JahleelAddae NOW you want to make your page private? Nah negro, man up and face the backlash from the black community. #sellout

#JahleelAddae at least @D:confused:rAddae37 hasn’t deleted his Twitter like he deleted his heritage.

I just need @D:confused:rAddae37 to be just as BOLD in facing the backlash as he was in laughing and posting the video! #JahleelAddae


12:12 PM - Feb 10, 2019
Twitter Ads info and privacy

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And another user thought to remind Addae just how beautiful dark skin babies are too

I write.. @Ebonydiamonds19

Can we get a darkskin baby thread so #JahleelAddae and his wife can see what beauty is?

On that note, cheers to more beautiful black babies in all shades!

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant

Don't post this trash in my thread

Peace and Blessings Chidike ... Welcome Home!

You can't post a thread about light skinned babies, interracial relationships, then get mad when others add to it.

Every one can post to any thread, respectfully.

This has always been a "rough" topic here at destee.

If you can't handle the heat ... :cook:

It's a lot to be mad about - where a man puts his penis, the results thereof, and how he himself feels about it.

That would require a lot of control (or wishing of control) in another person's life.

I aint try'n to keep up with no man's penis, what he did with it, the results thereof, etc.

That aint my thug thizzle ... but if that's yall's get down ... you have a place to do it respectfully.

Love You!




ps ... please do not add more than 2 sentences of other people's property to your posts - Rule # 11.

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