Black Poetry : Jah Speaks, Just Listen


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Nov 26, 2002
Rocky Mountains, High
I'm still here...
Every battle you've fought, I've always been near.
I hear every heartfelt word U speak anointed with tears.
If U truly believe, I'll make all disappointments, uncertainties, and fears disappear.

Replace them with understanding, knowledge, stability, and good cheer.
All I ask of U is when faced with obstacles, persevere.
Remain steadfast and difficulties will pass.
Only a selfish father is pleased when he sees his children sad.

Since the beginning of time I had U in mind,
So I won't forsake U now, your life is precious and divine.
Just liken me 2 the sun because when it rains it still shines.
Even though U can't see it, it's right there in the clouded skies.
And you're like the Earth which turns away in the hours of night.
Only 2 return time and again and it still provides U with light.

I'll never leave U in the wilderness alone and scared.
I'll never place on U a burden which is 2 heavy 4 U 2 bare.
I'll never put U in a position if you're not mentally prepared.
I only chastise my children because I'm a father who cares.
I've gone nowhere.

I just want U 2 stand firmly on your feet.
I want U 2 be prudent and wise so U won't be easily swayed by deceit.
Apply your knowledge so U won't quickly change what U believe.
As I've told your brothers and sisters before U, ask and U shall receive.

4 my children I've made the sun stand still and parted the Jordan and the Sea of Reeds.
I've made mighty nations fall and given life 2 the deceased.
I've moved mountains and made the barren and virgins conceive.
So 2 do 4 U is nothing at all, just follow the words I speak.


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Jan 14, 2003
The Lone-Star State
This anointed work works for me

Who a say there ain't no JAH?
Let me at them...
I'll baptize 'em.

:climb:ROCK of Ages ~
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