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    JACOB, HORUS & The Flag of IS-RA-EL
    By Andre Austin
    The State of Israel is in denial of its ancestry of blood and religion to the ancient Egyptians. This flies in the face of their very name and pyramid symbols on their flag.
    The biblical character known as Jacob was based on the Egyptian character Jacob. We know of the battle between Jacob and Esau which is the battle of Horus the elder and Set which symbolized a fight between Dark and Light, night and day. Both Jacob and Esau have 12 sons to symbolize 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. Jacob has a 13 tribe daughter of Dinah which later would be symbolic of the castrated 13 apostle Paul in the NT.
    Jacob’s wrestling match is nothing more than a corrupted account of the original daily struggles between Set and Horus the elder. But why did this lead to the name change to Israel?
    A change of name suggest a form of rebirth. In connection with the name change Jacob suffered an injury to his leg that left him with a permanent limp. This may be symbolic of being born lame weak when the sun at lowest or weakest. In Plutarch’s book Isis & Osiris we see that after Set (Esau) and Horus (Jacob) made peace, Osiris temporarily returned from the underworld of the dead to father a child with Isis. This was Horus the Child, and he was born lame in the leg. However the Egyptian texts are not always consistent in the matter of Horus paternity. Conclusively, Isis is his mother, his father is sometimes said to be Osiris and sometimes RA.
    The laming of Jacob also occurs in the context of peace between Horus and Set. Initially, Jacob represents Horus the Son of Isis. When he wrestles with the stranger (Esau) he represents Horus the elder. When peace arrives he receives a new name, a rebirth, and in his lame condition becomes Horus the child. For Jacob he became Israel:
    1. Is= child of Isis rebirth of Israel
    2. Ra= Father of Horus, Horus combines his own person as Ra
    3. El= Horus the El-der when Horus face, sun is at its most high in your face
    4. Combine the above & we got Is-Ra-El
    All Egyptian kings were symbolic of Horus while living and Osiris when dead. Those two aspects in part represent the upright pyramid and the downward pyramid made into 72 angels/angles or gates/ladders. The Egyptians also called these two pyramids the sun and moon of the universe. The catholic=universal might get their name from this with Cat being the nickname of RA and combine Hathor the goddess of the Moon. Its not precise but good speculation. The Vatican was built upon the Palace of the Flavian Caesars who came up with the idea to have the biography of Jesus ministry to be a parody of Titus military campaign against the Jews in Israel between 66-73AD.The Caesars were admirers of the Egyptian religion and the Catholics mirror much of it in ceremonies and rituals.
    The name Jacob was a title for a priest of the goddess Isis, in addition Jew is a title for the god Thoth.
    Horus was considered a god of the ladder from which the deceased used to asend to heaven which coincides with Jacob’s ladder dream. The Jews were good at plagiarizing Egyptian Gods and changing their names but not good enough not to get caught and discovered.
    Also there is a tale about Jacob battle with Set. At the conclusion Jacob lifts his eyes and suddenly Esau appears. This is yet another comparison to Horus as Heru-khenti-an-maati =The blind Horus represent a god when neither of his eyes was visible.
    The last name of Jacob was El which meant Elder or most high when the sun was aged in the sky. As a matter of fact we get Heru meaning who is above (see John 8:23) and face of heaven/sun. The children of Horus were also faces of the sun. As we see in the NT Jesus face is like the sun, he’s from above and his adopted children by faith will shine like the sun. “Children of the Highest”-Luke 6:35, “Children of Light” John 12:36, “Righteous shine like sun” Matthew 13:43, Jesus face like the sun Rev 1:16.