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    Jackson County High Schools
    By Andre Austin

    Our local newspaper, The Jackson Citizen Patriot, has a fetish and fixation on reporting negative news from primarily two inner city schools in Jackson. Its motivation springs from two agendas. One being a political one and the other is economics of selling newspapers through sensational stories. Teenage students have common problems, goals and aims. The Cit Pat has created a distorted perception that only the inner city kids do sex, drugs and are an academic failure. The Cit Pat negative news reporting against Jackson High is producing the biggest student migration in Jackson county. This is a result of an indirect organized boycott of JPS and transfer of money from inner city to the suburbs. The politics of race mocks blacks as lazy but resent our competition. They mock lower academic achievement of black children but then assign the best teachers, materials and financial resources to white schools in the suburbs from which the Cit pat 12-30-11 editorial brags about.

    Are we to believe problems and bad things happen not at these schools?:

    1.Vandercook Lake High school
    2. Homer High School
    3. Northwest High School
    4. Western High School
    5. Concord High School
    6. Hanover Horton High School
    7. Grass Lake High School
    8. East Jackson high School
    9. Lumen Christi catholic High School (LC)
    10. Davinci High school
    11. Napoleon High School
    12. Jackson Area Career Center
    13. Jackson Christian High School
    14. Springport High School
    15. Michigan center High School
    16. Leoni High School
    17. Columbia central High School
    18. Columbia Alternative

    Only the inner city schools of (19) Wilson Academy and (20) Jackson High School are singled out for public scorn and a public spectacle. If Something happens at the above eighteen it first has to be reported if reported it’s a one day story. Most bad news at J-high will be dragged out feature stories until the beaten horse is dead. J-highs arch enemy in sports is of course LC. The rival is analogous to Michigan v. Ohio in football. The Cit Pat puts in front page when J-High loose and buries victories on page 3 or 4 many times in their sports pages.

    Republican’s big wish is to discredit and criminalize inner city schools so that private corporate managers can take over and make a profit. And at the same time emasculate unions and personal freedom. Some media outlets like newspaper and radio run by political right ulterior motive is to advance this Republican goal. Beware of bias and yellow journalism that’s infecting the world of Education. Cit Pat, lets stop the petty documenting of every negative happening at JPS. Its getting to the point if a student accidentally steps on a nail, Mr. scoop cit pat will make a federal case out of it.

    Notes: When two schools face such an opposing hostile press to have to start looking at things in full complete context. The majority of the teachers at JPS live in other county’s and many of their kids go to the above 18 list of schools or others. Loyalty and social commitment is invested in the schools your kids attend. Many of the Catholic teachers hate public schools but refuse to turn down jobs from public schools they can’t get at their private alumna school.